My Wife's Rossi 22/410 survival rifle!!!

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We're hearing a lot of pretty big talk between the President, and North Korea! With the drums of war beating so viciously, the odds of something happening where you might have to ""Strategically relocate"" are skyrocketing!!!

My Wife and I ALREADY live in what "Doomsday Preppers" call a Bug out location. We're in the middle of nowhere, at least several days hike from a larger town or city (Over 5,000 population.) We fully intend to "Bug in", or shelter in place for almost all possible emergencies, but we might have to pick up and go under certain circumstances.

Here is a nice little rifle, in a very small package, that you can grab, and take with you. I've tried to set it up for wilderness survival in most cases. Having a little kit like this to take with you at a moments notice, could possibly save your life if you find yourself stuck in the "Woods".

I hope you find this entertaining, and I appreciate your up-votes. If you like this sort of thing, be sure to hit that follow button, and I would appreciate it. (Steem on!!!)

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wow you sure filled that up with some useful stuff :) thanks for sharing

That is a great little gun! I have never seen one that has a 22 and a 410 in one. I love it and you are right, a great little bugout gun. As long as it is well made and dependable but I think I am going to pick one up. I love it. Thanks for sharing!

They used to have them at China-Mart (Wal-Mart) pretty cheap.

Thank you!

Sounds like you are more rural than me. I live in 'that' town of 5k residents.
But we are still planning in case of situation to bug in also. But we do have the survival necessities on the ready just in case.

I have a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, hubby has the rifles and shotguns as well as his Ruger 9mm. But maybe I should practice the rifle at the gun range too. It's just I'm so attached to my Shield.

My daily (Conceal) carry is a Taurus PT22. My Wife has Multiple Sclerosis, and doesn't have the strength in her hands to rack a slide. We decided to each carry the same weapon so that either one of us could pick up the other's weapon and operate it with muscle memory. So the tilt up barrel of the Taurus was a great option!!! Once you snap it back down, the weapon is ""Racked"". We have a matched pair. 8 hollow points in the mag, and 1 in the chamber. Not much stopping power, but cheap to practice with. (If you can find the ammo.)

Nice!!! Always ready ;)

Shared to get you seen more! Need a better video of this Doug...

Best I have Weetree. An oldie from Youtube that I shot on a cell phone for video.

redo it Doug ;-)

Maybe..... Some day. lol

Bad Doug bad...Oilys show in under an hour....

crap!!!! Missed it!!!

Hey!!!!! it takes hours and hours of hard work to upload a video like that!

LOL I can see the BS Flag raising on that one Doug ;-)

Buy me a new camera!!!

I think he should have captured a portion of the sun and used that for his lighting ;) I agree if not an update video some well lit pictures to add under this video might be good :)

Great idea @freakygeak