Bugging Out Won't Work.

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Not just because there isn't a remote enough location that the locals don't know everything about you.

Words about how Mountain Hicks view Flatlanders and how safe your bugout location really is.
The Art of Survival, Taoism and the Warring States - Of Two Minds Blog

But because what is happening today is a tornado where you can go into the basement and return to normal a day later.

There will never be a normal to return to. (well not in your lifetime)

So, planning to go to a bunker and then return at some day in the future when everything has gone back to normal will be futile.

- - - - - - -

Many of the city-preppers talk about plans of bugging out.

That they have a retreat location they will go to, to weather out the storm (economic, zombie apocalypse, police state...) and this place is stocked with enough food to last for years.

So, they go to the retreat when they see the storm clouds looming, and then will return to humanity when its all better.

Unfortunately, no amount of food lasts forever. So, this plan fails from the get-go. Their food will run out before normal ever returns. Because normal is not coming back.

Any survival plans need to be designed with the new changing world in mind.

- - - - - - -

The number one thing will be community.
Unless you want to go somewhere that it is impossible for people to come see you (and that getting to a store, or deliveries is also impossible)

And becoming a part of a small community takes time.
You can't just move there and be accepted by everyone overnight.

The next thing is you need to plan for growing food during a brutally hot summer and a freezing winter.

Plant what you eat. Learn to grow those things. Learn how much time it takes. Learn how to cut down on time by starting indoors, or in a greenhouse. Because we are already in a time where we aren't creating enough calories to feed everyone.

(The reason you are seeing so much food distribution problems caused by Wuhan-disease is to blame what is already happening on something else.)

So, start planning for your new life.
Stop expecting normal to come back.

Those jobs... gone forever.
Those abundant supermarkets... a thing of the past.
Those govern-cement stimulus checks... as worthless as the paper they are printed on.

- - - - - - -

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I agree. Any bugout would be permenent. Expect to die young out there. If I had to choose between that and the hell coming (health certificates, mandatory vaccination, new currency, global tyranny I mean global governance, and so on) I will happily bug out and eat frogs the rest of my life. I'll even smoke some to eat in the winter. I'll even add a side of grass roots to make it a fancy meal!

Fortunately we have tons better technology for growing, processing and preserving then our ancestors.

With a modern greenhouse, the average person could feed themselves with less than 10 hours a week.

And, i suggest chickens and/or rabbits instead of frogs.
Much easier to keep over winter. And tastier... well, that varies, but they are easier to catch as you know right where they are.

This would all be true if I would bug out to a farm. Nope. So, frogs and squirrel for me I'm afraid. I'll be drying and smoking the meat and drying out fruit and other greens for the winter. Good thing it doesn't get kill ya cold in the winter where I would be going. I'll die young but I'll die free.

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