Todays football predictions for 03-01-2019

in prediction •  16 days ago

Today we will be predicting another four football games that will be played today and has total of (3.42odds )as of the time the game was played.


All the predictions are based on premiership ,la liga and Portugal premiership

Manchester city vs Liverpool FC

Prediction: over 1.5 goals (@1.20odds)

CD das Aves vs FC Porto

Prediction: over 1.5 goals (1:22odds)

Sporting Lisbon vs Cf Belenenses Lisbon

Prediction: sporting Lisbon win(1.30odds)

Villarreal and Real Madrid FC
Prediction: Real Madrid win (@1.80)


Disclaimer:play with your spare cash .this is not an investment but we do it for fun.

Thanks for coming around my blog.

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