June 5th Daily Prayer Request Thread - Have Need Of Any Kind? The miraculous is the normal for those who ask..

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As a christian I have seem many miraculous answers to prayers, God has been proven to be true when He says whatever you ask for believing it will be done, and whatever 2 or 3 agree upon will be done.. christians let's pray for each other and all who post here and watch the Lord move, according to His perfect will in the situation..

In addition to the prayers of those here I'm in a weekly prayer group and we will pray there also for the requests..

Please note just feel free to rather make your own prayer request post, I will be praying for regardless of method. Please use the christian-trail or a new prayer-request tag tho to ensure max visibility among christians.

Commenting that you're praying is not necessary for sharing in rewards, if you prefer just upvote the request.

Reward share will be the SBD portion received, as Steem Power cannot be shared in steemit.

Fellow believers, if can be resteemed throughout the day for maximum visibility, tnx..

-also fellow christians if haven't done so please read this post for building the christian community on steemit here: https://steemit.com/christian-trail/@wilx/christians-on-steemit-let-us-follow-and-support-each-other-pt-7-join-the-christian-trail



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"Any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden." - Corrie Ten Boom

Please continued prayer for this fire situation. I do not know where it is going it is in God's hands but we will need on going prayer. Thanks @wilx

Agree and praying, we have fires in the state I am in.

Praying with you. God is our very present help in time of needs.

Please pray for our fellow steemian. His friend Eugene write a message on on his blog: @kryptocoin was involved in an almost fatal accident 6 days ago while we were heading for a micro outreach.
He is still in coma, and these few days have been very hard for the family and to us all. With a pleading heart, I request that every one keep him in prayers.
Thank you brothers and sisters!

In prayer..

He is revived in Jesus name. Amen.

Praying for his fast healing.
He shall be made whole again in Jesus name!! May the Holy Spirit comfort the family and friends and bring peace and confidence that this issue is in the Hands of the Almighty!!