Feb.20th Daily Prayer Request Thread - Have Need Of Any Kind? The miraculous is the normal for those who ask..

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As a christian I have seem many miraculous answers to prayers, God has been proven to be true when He says whatever you ask for believing it will be done, and whatever 2 or 3 agree upon will be done.. christians let's pray for each other and all who post here and watch the Lord move, according to His perfect will in the situation..

In addition to the prayers of those here I'm in a weekly prayer group and we will pray there also for the requests..

Please note just feel free to rather make your own prayer request post, I will be praying for regardless of method. Please use the christian-trail or a new prayer-request tag tho to ensure max visibility among christians.

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Fellow believers, if can be resteemed throughout the day for maximum visibility, tnx..

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There is power in prayer. Let's pray for each other so that we might stand firm in our faith in God. Thank you. God bless you

Agree and praying

Amen and Amen.

Thank you for your prayers. I have found part time work, but I still need a full time position to keep up with our bills.

The God of Supply will see you through. Thank God answered prayers He is able to do much more exceedingly. Glory!

Glad that you found at least a part time job. I will continue to pray for a full time position.

Amen! The full time work will come according to God's time. We will continue praying and it shall come to pass.

Still, God is Good, I will continue to pray for you. God Bless.

Pls let's pray also for Christians all around the world mostly for those in countries where it is challenging preaching the gospel that the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ will gain free cause in these nations and that the Christians in these nations are strengthened to preach the gospel with boldness and courage.

Amen! followed you!


Thanks for this prayer points.

Prayer item: I've started spreading the word of God in my vernacular language on the Internet. A lot of people nowadays have access to the net and we need to spread the gospel to as many nations as possible.

God bless you, I pray that all men key into this mighty vision and continue to spread the word like never before. They are winning souls in their catchments in every community, at all times. Amen

God bless You Sir @veejay

Please pray for my friend's son confined at hospital now suffering from pneunomia & gastro. Pray for all prayer list in this thread too, thank you & God bless each one. <3

The Lord will see him through. He is a miracle working God. Healing is His account. Glory thank you Jesus.

very nice

Please help our Bible Discussion Group tonight in Alhambra to have many new people who are totally open to God's word and ready to seek first God's kingdom and righteousness.