PiedPiperCoin Meme Contest ( Generous Prize Pool )

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Good day Steemians! You probably know or heard what @Piedpipercoin is by now, if not, where the hell you been? PiedPiperCoin is all the rage now, millenials, beanie babies, Gen A to Gen Z, everyone wants a piece of the Pipe.

Well here's a good news for everyone who missed the epic airdrop. We are having a PiedPiperCoin Meme Contest!


Rules are simple:

  1. Create your best,funniest PiedPiperCoin meme. Could be a still picture, gif or video.

  2. Post it on the comment section.

  3. Upvote and resteem this post.

  4. Follow @PiedPiperCoin Social Media pages:
    Steemit: @PiedPipercoin
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/piedpipercoin
    Discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/445116511770902529/445785489761501195
    Telegram: https://t.co/Gi2eBcqtWw

And now for the juicy part! The prizes:


1st Prize: 300 Tesla or 300 $PPI

2nd Prize: 100 Tesla or 100 $PPI

3rd Prize: 50 Tesla or 50 $PPI

Winner will be announce 7 days after this post. Goodluck everyone and remember to HODL until 1 $PPI = 1 Tesla ( Don't worry you won't have to hodl that long before that. )

All prizes courtesy of our very generous PiedPiperCoin CEO, Richard. #HailSanta

If you want to know more about PiedPiperCoin's development, visit their official website.


Piedpipercoin Fucks!!!

Meme Creator_1527615730887.jpg

😂 😂

The boy's face got me lmao

Cheers @enolife

where have you been? You need to get to our telegram https://t.me/KissMyPiss666 The best happens there.

But Santa is real :( You should join this one btw!

I like that!

Like that what what??

Too busy animating SPAMMERS (finishing the spam rant)

Although I'll probably make $3 from it lolz...

Jajajaja true!

Goddamnit that was a hilarious collection of meme.


Jeje thanks! :-D

Goodluck everyone, let the meme games begin!

My meme for the ppimemecontestgiphy.gif

Great to see the PPI community grow!
Excited to be a part of it!
Goodluck mates

Hail satan and the gocang crew


I also have another "submission" but PP tweeted it so thought id chuck up the one above


The coin to end all coins.. Except Bitcoin..

Fresh out of my MemeMachine for your consideration


Me :


My submission :)

My meme for the contest :D
Screenshot 2018-05-29_09-59-37.png

My MEME for the contest! Let's get it! $PPI

PiedPiperCoin Evolution !

Dammit Gilfoyle

hail santa,
here my another entry for this meme contest, im so eager to hodl this one page WP coin..


My modest contribution ... hope you like it guys!
(i am new on steemit ... i have no clue how to resteem a post :( )

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