Rains and the good weather ☔️ 🌧

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Its raining and I cannot tell you how happy I am. The weather has an instant impact on my mood. I took a sick off from work and I am going to explore a Delhi Market with my roommate. So both of us called sick today in our respective organizations and decided to go to markets & shop. She has not been to Delhi markets yet so its her first time. We are excited.

Although it rained heavily this morning but we still decided to go because it is obviously better than going out in sun.

Now just when we boarded Metro, the Sun was out. We are hoping a good time today and I have to buy ballon shaped utility pants, I really wish to find them in market today. :D




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that's funny

Why don't you like the sun? Is it too hot over there?

Yeah it around 42 44 degree celsius mostly for 4 months straight so rain is like oh yeaaaah thing for us

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Ah! I agree as I also love the rain and the sun of course.
Hope you have enjoyed the market Vibi.

yeah it was amazing :):)

Rain always makes me happy. But we are facing a flood in some areas. :(

Oh floods are bad :(

Nice to have the rain to cool things off. Happy shopping!

Yeah nice to have rain cooling off around :):)