Human Design #39 - Sleep in Your Own Aura.


My Little Niece, 10 years ago.


If you want to wake up as your Self, you need to sleep in your own aura (sleeping alone). This goes to all Types (Manifestor, Generator/MG, Projector and Reflector). The reason is Conditioning. We are deeply programmed by the Maia even when we are sleeping.

Especially for the Projectors. This is the only type that is easily conditioned by others and the environment. Therefore, sleeping in the same space with others will make Projectors wake up acting like others without they know it.

For example, when a Projector sleeping with a Generator or a Manifesting Generator, the Projector will wake up thinking about work and doing. That also means the Projector wakes up against her/his nature. All Projectors true nature should be about guiding energies, not working the energies. The deep programming on Projectors during their sleep can make others see the Projectors as an energy worker rather than a gifted guide. This is one of the reasons why many Projectors end up working a long hours job.


Remember conditioning means Programming. And it happens to all Types, with Projectors suffer the most from it. Imagine waking up being programmed as somebody else. This is where we get Generators thinking they are a Manifestor, and Manifestor thinking they need to respond, Projectors become super slaves, and Reflector gets confused about everything.

There is no way to know your Self until you sleep in your own aura. There is no way to know your gifts until you wake up every morning as YOU.

The photo was taken 10 years ago. She is my niece, a baby Projector. She is 2/4 RAX of The Four Ways. She is designed to be an inspirational thinker, a secret hearer and a democratic leader.


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Thank you for reading, I hope this can shed some lights on your journey!
Blessing to you all.

Comment and share your thoughts with me if you like.

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Hey @roselifecoach, how do you know which type you are?

And what about the type of your loved ones? (:

Hi @joeylim, you can check out your type and your loved ones in this website . They have a system to calculate your chart provided you enter an accurate details especially the time of birth :)

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What happens when you sleep in the same bed as your partner?
How do couple refrain from picking up the other person's aura?
And now I am curious..... how do I find out my type?:)

A couple who sleep next to each other conditioned each other. When two auras become one, you guys can't see each other for who you are. The reason is the auric field becomes one type of aura. So couple actually looking at each other as a new person in their relationship. Ever wonder why most couples tend to say "you have changed. you used to be different". The changes are the aura. When a couple sleep separately, they begin to see each other true nature again because the auric field is not consistently attached as one.

You can check out your type and your loved ones in this website .

"you have changed. you used to be different". ...

That makes sense....

Then how? couples sleep together...
Is that a good thing or not.... hmmmm

I don't think it's about good or bad. If couples want to understand each other, they shall sleep separately. It doesn't mean they can't have moments to sleep with each other or to have sexual intimacy. I've seen couples who sleep separately are far intimate than those who sleep next to each other. Perhaps because they have their own space to be themselves :) Then again, it all goes back to every couple. Some couples are so attached to the combination of their aura and they learn to adapt to the changes.

I told The Hubs : Hey, we should sleep separately, just for a bit
His reply: Why? Who's against our marriage?

I think it is safe to say I won' t be experimenting any time soon ...

By the way, he was joking :D

Hahaha... He is funny!

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Memories are always sweet..
Beautiful post...

Thank you darling :)

I feel that too. Don't sleep in the same bed as anyone now, girlfriends included. Really don't like being in hostels either. But then, maybe I should...

Good. Sleep alone is fantastic!

Don't go to sleep with troubles or wake up thinking as your old self. That baby is gorgeous.