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RE: "They Call Him Dan" (poem-contest) ... 20,000 STEEM Delegation Contest

The oceans stirred for it occurred
Small fish was not extinct.
No surrender. But would render
Great practice they distinct.



Man ... nicely done!

You've been holding out, my friend. You've got poet in you ... a fact I will not forget. It is my intention to turn all of you (PHC members) into poets ... whether you like it or not.

Note to Anglophones: Man is Bulgarian. If he can write poetry in English ...


I am not intentionally holding anything out or back or anywhere... I have just overtaken too many quests. Finishing a short story project along with other #powerhousecreatives friends, at the same time retouching 100+ photos for a client... No time to write my own posts, anyway. But engaging with yours seem less demanding in terms of concentration. Not starting from scratch does help.

Thanks for the words of appreciation. I'm just trying to be a sound link in that chain ;)


I'm just trying to be a sound link in that chain

And doing a great job, brother.