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RE: Which #STEEM Discord communities are you a part of and why?

I personally run the following discords:


This is a community based discord that is intended to act as a Steemit Directory of services and communities where leaders from various groups are uniquely identified for easy access when inquiries need to be made by users that are interested in learning more about a service or community and don't have to spend countless hours searching Steemit to find what they need. This is a small, sole proprietor type of discord so updates are made when time allows me to outside of my family life and my other Steemit ventures. There are also a few free discord upvote bots for everyone to use, the SBI share lookup bot, Banjo for easy claiming of steem-engine tokens, and the discordtip bot that many love to use.

All this is free for everyone and a resource to help you grow your knowledge or network with the other group leaders within our discord.


The givememonsters account once upon a time was intended to be used as a way for Steem Monsters players to send in cards that they did not want like Rusty Andriods for instance and receive upvotes to their steemit posts. After the creation of the Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and the ability to "burn" cards for DEC this service became mostly obsolete and rarely used.

In the days following, we turned this service into another form of upvote service but this time you can receive upvotes in exchange for DEC. Now before you rush to judge, this is a small account, the upvote values are only $0.02 but also comes connected to all the steem-engine tokens we have staked for no additional charge AND it only costs 10 DEC to get an upvote which is practically nothing and less that what you would receive for burning one common card and completing one battle. We also offer a 30 day subscription based service to provide one upvote per day for a total of 300 DEC which still ultimately comes out to be 10 DEC per upvote/day. Given the cost of DEC, this is a pretty good return and even compensates for the 50% losses to curation we all experience when posting on Steemit.

If you'd like to learn more feel free to drop by either of our discords and just poke around, introduce yourself to some of the other members or ask any questions you'd like.

We look forward to meeting you and being able to assist wherever we can!


Awesome and thank you for such insightful explanations!!!!! :) I joined Steem explorers a few minutes ago :) - somebody else mentioned it on this post so I hopped on - happily so, because I did not know of it prior to this :)

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