Which #STEEM Discord communities are you a part of and why?

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Things change and it is no different in the world of #steem related communities on Discord. So, my question to everyone is:

Which DISCORD communities do YOU currently belong to and why?!

I am hoping that via the comment response thread - this post will not only feed my curiosity but will also afford those newer to the platform some insight and direction as to which servers are best suited for them, because we all know that if you are on Steem but not on discord then you are essentially missing both arms and legs.

So let's hear it!


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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Okay, I guess I have about four main groups right now.

Pay it Forward https://discord.gg/T3ad8Nz

This is the Discord home of the Pay it Forward Curation contest ( @pifc ) where I am one of the judges for the weekly contest. We are always looking for more people to enter with a post about two blog posts from underrated bloggers they wish to share about. There are SBI shares to be won every week.

Steem Terminal https://discord.gg/8TT55uA

As has already been mentioned. I've only recently become involved in this newbie-oriented group - mainly as a support to help get my daughter steeming (still working on her). I'm not super active, but I am managing the Pokecord channels within the group, so if you want to catch Pokemon, this is a group for you!

Natural Medicine @riverflows (I couldn't generate an invite)

This is a great group if you want to work on getting healthier without drugs. There's a weekly meditation, and lots of great advice throughout the week - but mainly we're helping support each other's posts about natural medicine!

Elite Gamers https://discord.gg/zkXZebX

If you like fighting monsters from the comfort of Discord, this is the place for you! I joined up in February and have massively enjoyed this game as it has evolved and developed. We don't claim that it's perfect, but it is growing in leaps and bounds. It's also one of the friendliest groups going. In my time on the server, I have grown from a newbie to a member of the top 5 and a Princess title!

Oh, I really should mention that after I saw Pokecord in Steem Terminal, I more or less pleaded to have a couple of rooms for that in Elite Gamers. Thankfully, my request was approved, so I'm sort of running those channels here too! (And only three weeks ago, I knew almost nothing about Pokemon!)

This is a fantastic thank you @viking-ventures and great insights given too! It is actually incredible how MANY Steem driven servers there are. I have discovered several new ones through the comments already... VERY COOL! and thanks again for the input!! :)

Well, the last one I mentioned isn't Steem driven, but there are now a few Steemians there and it's good for all of us to take a break and defend the kingdom from time to time. ;-)

hahahahaha!!! TRUE THAT! :)


This is a post we need every 6 months , with the ecosystem changing alot the new and old need the free publicity, as a few might call it a shit post to Some of us shit is legit! Information is essential, and discord is not something that comes with subsribing to the platform so that said, my collegues have done a great job in mentioning a few discords i am in i miss
But also :

Let me know which invite you like 😉
I hope that the mods of the discords Will come themselves too to give the free publicity i Will send your link to them ......

Thanks for the input love and yes agreed - it is something which is needed and holds a lot of benefit to ALL users.

Great idea

I'm not the biggest chatter around (except when the blockchain is down, lol), so I'm mostly a lurker.

here's the list:

Team Possible Discord
Our Steemmonsters Guilds- and Fun Discord

For obvious reasons :0)

An awesome bunch of people. I'm trying my best to participate in what's going on :0)

Steem Terminal
The place to be for newcomers. These guys do an awesome job helping people find their way on the Steem blockchain.

Mostly a lurker in there. I follow up on what's happening a couple of times a day, but I'm not really comfortable enough to engage full power.

In the last two weeks or so, I joined The Ramble, Innerblocks, Top3 Contest and Johndoer And Friends (home of the @doer-minnows project)
More lurking than participating for now, but like I said... it takes some time before I feel 'at home' enough to actually engage

Thank you for the contribution hon xxx I did not know of the Johndoer and friends one.

no offense but...seriously?


Hello my friend! Wasn't for sure actually what you were referring to? Something I said? Or someone else? Or the post? Please let us know won't you? Off topic... loved your post about the Steem Torch Experiment ... I was passed it... little while back. I remember the GinaBOT notification! I was like... did I win the Steem lotto!

not you nor the author, i just consider this type of post a cheap type of shit post. its been done, and by the same person a few months back. i value content that has depth, originality and creativity. simple as that.

I'm sorry you feel that way my friend. I felt it was an excellent way for everyone to share and learn about what communities they were in. Maybe be that one post that someone said, "hey! I never heard of that group!"... Pivotal moment, that changed someone's life? I'm just always focusing on spreading positive energy... I guess I never felt anything bad about it, and love @jaynie to death!! Thank you regardless for clarifying my friend...

i just consider the topic something one might see in word of mouth discussion in voice chat, considering this topic is done to death there. do we really need it in a post where it might become obsolete within a few months? all so one person can get a few steem for 5 minutes worth of work? here's a better idea. make it into a channel in your server, where people drop links. this information should be free access. if i wrote this post, at the very least i would have sent the rewards to null.

I write minnow tips, and help new people all day long here, @torico. Few noobs I talk to have ever heard of discord and do not know what it is. They cannot even get to it to find out what it is. Some are afraid to click the links since they are already so overwhelmed by STEEM.

This is a good chance for people to tell what they like about certain channels in there and why it's good to join them. I am not a heavy user and found two in these comments I will investigate.

If you do not like a post, you can just move on. No need to be mean when someone is trying to help.

I understand fit, however the way to help is not to confuse people more. This post will be of no help to a user because it does not explain discord, or servers. it just lists off a bunch of servers with scant reference to what they are. I've worked with new users as well, one on one and in chat. I know exactly why they get confused so I try to be as simple and concise as I can. throwing the names of servers and communities at a new person is not helping. Explaining how discord works, how steem works, what the function of a server is, THIS is what new users need. discussing what a server focuses on and why, this is useful. Giving them a very short list to start with, or asking them what theyre interested in and suggesting a match is helpful. This post is not geared towards new users.

If someone is trying to convince me that something i see is a glass, then it ought not to have holes in the bottom.

I'm working with people on STEEM how have no idea even how to get to "chat" nor do I have any idea what that is, and I have been here over two years. I will send people here to take a look at the topics and comments to see if there is anything they are interested in.

As usual, I will tell them to go to the blogs of people commenting here that they would like to meet, drop a comment on a good post, follow, and grow their circle if they can. I wonder if they will see you as a welcoming presence here. Time will tell.

Ive been on steem over two years as well, Ive written posts about discord, how to's of steemit, server guides detailing over 50 different severs. I have a library catalog of posts on topics that new users ask about. Im active daily in 5 servers and belong to at least twenty others. I would not send people to this post for the reasons stated.

Do you tell not people to comment when they do not like things posted? Hopefully not. Commenting where you do like the post is more productive.

None taken @torico :) and having read your response to @wesphilbin below I thought I would give a little insight as to why I do not in any way consider putting this question forward on a post as a "shit post".

Firstly, the question post put forward that you are referring to was 5 months ago. A LOT has changed around here in that time with the development of tribes and their servers as well as countless new curation initiatives and other projects which have come into fruition since HF21. This is an ever-evolving space so things move and change quickly.

I think this sort of information being shared in a post is FAR more effective than a random chat in a discord server or even a dedicated channel in a server for the simple reason that this has limited reach and is only there for the people already within that server to read.

Remembering that MANY newcomers to this platform have never even heard of discord before, let alone the Steem communities within. Having regular updates on this sort of thing gives both new and old members a chance to browse a list of varying communities with an insight into who and what they are - that comes from people who are members and not from the community heads themselves which is a lot more objective. Each individual has their own select set of community preferences so asking one or two people which ones they would recommend is fine but will result in limited feedback - doing it this way however, opens it up to everyone and will give a FAR broader variety of choice.

As for you enjoying quality posts which offer depth, originality and creativity - I will say this... I have absolutely zero to justify, validate or explain in that regard because every single one of my posts (outside of questions like this one) embody every single one of those qualities and more... and whilst putting forward a question like this to the community may not appeal or hold relevance to you, I can assure you it does to many others.

I hope that my explanation on the matter possibly inspires you to see this from a slightly different perspective... but if not, that is ok too - each to their own :)

i disagree. i think that people take as much away from a multi-server voice chat discussion, a recommendation from someone in chat or a server channel listing as they do from a post that they probably wont read because they havent a clue as to who you are, therefore arent likely to see mention of your post or understand half of what is mentioned in abbreviation with not even a link as reference.

first off, a voice chat allows users to discuss what a particular server offers. how many people in this post just listed a name with no content? same with a chat discussion. people in servers tend to have multiple interests and multiple servers, and are happy to talk about them. how many people will this post draw after day three?

this post from almost two years still has as many active servers mentioned than one comment in this post did. the similarity? most of the mentioned servers here or there got no indication of what they were about. how is that helpful? the kittygirl at least made an attempt to give a description.

you are correct, things change quickly. new users are confused about different servers. yet half of what i see written here mention the same few shared servers numerous times, with no reference to what they are about.

perhaps in the hope of attracting new members? neat way to advertise, if anyone should bite. two people mentioned a few long standing servers that would benefit new users. however neither comment gave info or links to help a new users understand what they could offer for specific services that they might find useful. why is that? how useful is it to a new user? how is it useful to anyone but a steemit vet who will ask questions and not be intimidated by all the meaningless references?

if you had guided your commentators to specifically leave a description of the community they mentioned with what services they offered, that would make this relevant. as it is here, its barely understandable to a new user.

if you had posted twenty different servers and what they offer or focus on, that would have been useful. and at least you would have actually put some work into the post.

Well, as I said we will just have to agree to disagree on this one. I have no interest in getting into a ping pong match. We have both had our say, time to move along. :)

I'm so so sorry you didn't like my valid points for which you seem to have no reply. that little "time to move along" with a smiley face was well done. sweet.

i'll move when i'm ready :) and not before.

The (not exactly extensive) topic at hand, has been discussed and voiced from both perspectives already - we don't agree and running around in circles trying to force either perspective onto the other is a complete waste of time - so I am choosing to leave it there.

You are welcome to stick around as long as you want - but I will no longer engage on the matter because it is futile.

What you are doing now is borderline trolling and I am pretty certain most would agree that this is far more offensive than the post upon which you are choosing to do it.

Let's try not to behave like children...

You have yourself a super week further @torico and perhaps next time we engage it will be under more positive circumstance.

yes i am sure that what im saying may seem like trolling to you.

I fail to understand how you can defend yourself as a writer and community leader by asking such a simple open ended question that you could have easily answered yourself, in a complete and helpful manner to other users, if you had only done your own research before hand. It would have taken work. But you could have written a really excellent post, and in that I am disappointed.

I see that you are a skilled writer in most of your other posts, but in this you drop the ball and don't have the guts to admit it. Instead you attempt to pass it off as being "helpful to the steemit community" when the only value it obtained is through the grace of other peoples comments, and not your own work. I do not find this commendable.

I find your arrogant attitude FAR more offensive than calling someone out and being a bit snarky with them. There's a difference between childish trolling and expressing disgust with a persons lack of ethics.

But you are right, I am carrying on to empty ears. I'll do what I should have done in the first place, which is down-voted this for lack of effort.

She didn't drop the ball at all. She did what many good leaders do, she solicited input from others rather than assuming she knows all and would find all.

Feeling a bit grumpy there? That is how you are coming across in this thread.


Well, you know @innerblocks already, and again... was wonderful to see you. I sent @zord189 a message, inviting him to join up!


My main "hang out" of course, is the @steemterminal, where I have been given the title of P.R. Moderator... @steemusa, which was my first Discord Group... but really, for me, this is a tough question. I consider all of us to be a community; ask @ShadowsPub... she says it too, "It's all about Community"...

@steembasicincome, where I am a writer (or pretend to be lol)... I am in over 80+ Discord Groups... self choosen. I call these, "tools for the toolbox". If a new Steemian lands at the @steemterminal, and is curious about... ohhh... SteemLEO? I am in that community! I jump in, present the Steemian, let them know what's up... tada!! Tool for the toolbox!

That might not answer your question... sorry. Basically, I'm saying I am in many "places"...

  • communities
  • initiatives
  • tribes

All "references" to what is sooo important...


Creating Positive Bridges...

Awesome! Thanks for this and for adding in the links too :)

I've got a few that I kinda hang out in, and few more than I peek in on. My primary three are SteemUSA, Steem Terminal, and PowerHouseCreatives. Those three speak to me, so to speak, due to varied interests.

Beyond that I kinda peek in on Photostreem, Monochromes, and Creative Coin. There are a few others than occassionally pique my interest, but generally due to time constraints those are that.


Oh! But you should check out @innerblocks!!

@wesphilbin, I have definitely been thinking of them, but I'm not only concerned about the time commitment, but I'm thinking I'm way too much of a jackass for the positive changes they're looking to encourage.

I'll peek in later this week if I get the opportunity. I've listened in on one of their Ramble shows, but it's right when the boys are getting home from school, and a hard time for me to pay attention.

hahaha subliminal promo there ;)

I did not realise that monochromes had a server.. thats pretty cool.

Do you have links to Monochromes and Creative coin?

Hi @jaynie! Apologies; you caught me when I was sleeping! Glad you were able to find the links. :)

Awesome thanks @the01crow!

Do you have a little info on Interpreneur?

Hey @jaynie

I guess we should put our new discord server forward. We are now up and running and have launched the @phctop3 discord server to coincide with the October contest (now in our 7th month).

We have a welcome area for people that are curious to ask questions and get advice and a full members (previous contestants) area. We have an engagement reward scheme and we are thinking up lots of new ideas for everyone to get involved with.

For now it's being used as a great way to answer questions quickly and make sure everyone is up to date with everything @phctop3



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Awesome, thanks for sharing!

Only here and a little ocd. I'm part of a few more, but I should purge the ones I don't use.
I need to find more new friends.

lol don't we all! Would you mind sharing a link to OCD?

Here is the discord link from their most recent daily update:

Thanks :)

Honestly, I am a choosy user, especially to the community discord server haha. Will anyway my main server, of course, is the @plankton created by @mermaidvampire & @cadawg where is my first community when I get back steeming after two years and a PLKN HOLDERS. Second is @steemterminal, where I have been given the title of Master of Ceremony in @steemterminal game-night every week @brittandjosie, @thekittygirl, @xcountytravelers given me permission to play and get fun to the community. @steemterminal combine or merging servers like @innerblock, PYPT the Rumble But for me, I think all the server is good when it comes to the community base. The third is @johndoer123 the author of the discord server called Johndoer & Friens where I am one of the curators to the server with the permission of my boss @jhondoer123 haha.

Fantastic, thanks!!! And thank you for linking them all too!

Yes, because they are all good community servers.


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I'm with like nearly 20 discords. Like what communities I'm part of ie. #PHC #BD-Community #naturalmedicine #innerblock. And what dapps I use like #Tasteem #dtube #esteem #ntopaz for different help. :)

Awesome, thanks for the feedback hon xxx

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you @wesphilbin and @innerblocks :) Much appreciated xxx

My hang outs are the discords of Steem Artists, C-squared, OCD, Curie, ArchDruid.... primarily.

I'm most reachable at Steem Artists' discord, I guess ..... cuz that's where artists really hang out. The group has ZERO voting power, so people that come to stay and chat are people who just really want to connect with other artists.

Awesome thanks @veryspider :)

Would you mind sharing a link to Steem Artists

Steemit Mamas- A WARM WELCOME to the STEEMITMAMAS Discord Server, @artmedina! This discord server as well as the communal account of SteemitMamas welcomes you to join us and be a part of a supportive network of Mamas across the globe. Please note that we are hosting the NEEDLEWORKMONDAY server here as well. Discord

Qurator Qurator is a service that helps users who pour their blood, sweat and tears into content creation to get noticed and rewarded for their efforts. Steemit has seen some incredible growth in the last few months and even though this is amazing for the platform, it might make it harder for the new Steemians to get noticed. With posts hovering well over 200 000 you can imagine how hard it is to get the attention you deserve for all your hard work! That's where Qurator comes in. - Invitelink

Wonderful thanks @goldendawne! I am amazed as more and more comments come in because there were a lot I did not know about!

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Not going to go through all the channels @jaynie starting with PHC being most visited with many great contacts, community driven, I know I am preaching to the choir.... so here goes on the next three most visited by me.

Qurator https://discord.gg/pJtWp57 First community I was invited to join, helpful friendly promotion for content. Qurator Rising Star members welcome announced weekly. 3 fun events presented weekly, amazing curating done daily, project by @scrooger @boontjie @goldendawne @ewkaw @ackhoo @brumest @blacklux

TravelFeed https://discord.gg/bbD5F7 New platform https://travelfeed.io/ easy to use, linked into steem blockchain. Travel content is connected to @steemitworldmap https://www.steemitworldmap.com/ along with curated Travel Digest highlighting posts by @LivingUKTaiwan @lizanomadsoul @choogirl @itchyfeetdonica @martibis

SteemBasicIncome https://discord.gg/VpghTRz Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content. Joined when first launched, plenty of initiative, contests, ways to assist others, it is a social experiment and so far so good by @josephsavage

!BEER for fun with @detlev | PAL another new initiative by @aggroed

Fantastic, thanks @joanstewart! Much appreciated xxx

We're happy to have you as a member in Qurator! :)

Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 6 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com

Oh shoot will have to top us some more, summer is coming our way.....

Oh shoot will have to
Top us some more, summer is
Coming our way.....

                 - joanstewart

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This was a great idea! Obviously, Inner Blocks is my number one, then Steem Terminal, The Alliance, The Ramble, as well as Steemit Mamas and Homesteaders Coop.

hehehe ;) Thanks a mil for the contribution! There are loads I had never even heard of in all these comments!


Steem Chat: https://discord.gg/BkUd9u - Has some of the biggest influencers in Steem.

Token Town: https://discord.gg/SKnChd - This is a discord for Tribe and Token holders.

Well, here's my 2 cents!
As a charity blog, we need all of the support that we can get and we are currently in these discord channels.

OHC, Qurator, OCD, Adsactly, Palnet, and Upmewhale.

Hope that this can help anyone!

Always a pleasure to support Lady Jaynie!

I personally run the following discords:

STEEM EXPLORERS - https://discord.gg/Q6XU4vb

This is a community based discord that is intended to act as a Steemit Directory of services and communities where leaders from various groups are uniquely identified for easy access when inquiries need to be made by users that are interested in learning more about a service or community and don't have to spend countless hours searching Steemit to find what they need. This is a small, sole proprietor type of discord so updates are made when time allows me to outside of my family life and my other Steemit ventures. There are also a few free discord upvote bots for everyone to use, the SBI share lookup bot, Banjo for easy claiming of steem-engine tokens, and the discordtip bot that many love to use.

All this is free for everyone and a resource to help you grow your knowledge or network with the other group leaders within our discord.

GIVEMEMONSTERS - https://discord.gg/HSwETyP

The givememonsters account once upon a time was intended to be used as a way for Steem Monsters players to send in cards that they did not want like Rusty Andriods for instance and receive upvotes to their steemit posts. After the creation of the Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) and the ability to "burn" cards for DEC this service became mostly obsolete and rarely used.

In the days following, we turned this service into another form of upvote service but this time you can receive upvotes in exchange for DEC. Now before you rush to judge, this is a small account, the upvote values are only $0.02 but also comes connected to all the steem-engine tokens we have staked for no additional charge AND it only costs 10 DEC to get an upvote which is practically nothing and less that what you would receive for burning one common card and completing one battle. We also offer a 30 day subscription based service to provide one upvote per day for a total of 300 DEC which still ultimately comes out to be 10 DEC per upvote/day. Given the cost of DEC, this is a pretty good return and even compensates for the 50% losses to curation we all experience when posting on Steemit.

If you'd like to learn more feel free to drop by either of our discords and just poke around, introduce yourself to some of the other members or ask any questions you'd like.

We look forward to meeting you and being able to assist wherever we can!

Awesome and thank you for such insightful explanations!!!!! :) I joined Steem explorers a few minutes ago :) - somebody else mentioned it on this post so I hopped on - happily so, because I did not know of it prior to this :)

Holy cow I only just glanced through the comments and see that there are so many discord servers I didn’t know about!!! Thanks, Jaynie!

I will look through more closely later ...

I spend most of my time in @helpie ’s server, but it’s a private group so I can’t leave a link here, however, if anyone is interested in joining our fun little helpful server, which is the home planet of the @helpiecake bakers, let me know! My username is paintingangels(serena)#3668.

Also I spend a lot of time in PAL , listening to mspwaves shows. (Sundays are my favorite)

And most recently I am chillin daily in the @sonicgroovelive server, which is the mingling place for some amazing musicians and music lovers. It used to be the openmic server but now it has been modified to fit the new contest. I will edit this with an invite to it when I get back on my computer. <3

I forgot c-squared! Duh!


I was just thinking of you the other day (okay, probably closer to a week or two ago, but still... 😂 ). I was searching for an old Helpie gif, and found this one...


Hope all is well with you! I really gotta find the time to check out the MSPwaves shows again - it's been waaay too long! 😊

I had the same reaction hahaha!!! It was great to discover so many! And thank you for your contribution to that as well :)


I think this is a very important question and I hope that you will consolidate some of the comments into a post and perhaps if you don't I will. Before I mention the channels that I'm part of, let me say that until I was invited to join Discord, and specifically PHC, I was lost. I will also say that there are different reasons to be in various channels and it's ok IMHO, to work out where you feel comfortable and to drop in and out.

So, I'm in PHC, PHCtop3 and Minnow Power - obviously.

Then, in no particular order Narrator, SteemPress, SteemTerminal, (not Steemit... doh!), Pay It Forward, SteemChat, Upmewhale, Qurator, Team South Africa, OCD, Goal City of Neoxian, Teardrops SMT certified users, Steemblogs Club, Tipu, C-Squared, Steem Basic Income, Image Skills, Peace Abundance Liberty and Curie.

Also, because of the services available through these servers, I'm part of SteemCleaners, Steemitflagrewards and Freezepeach.

Because of being on Narrative, I am also in their Discord and NEO.

Because of this post, I have also cleaned up my act a bit and left a couple that weren't doing anything for me. I'm likely to stay with this lot for the moment. I realise that some are tribes and I tend to stay out of them - although I should drop links there - because it just takes a lot of time to keep up.

There you have it. My 2c


Thanks for taking the time to add your input to this @fionasfavourites and yes, I have every intention of compiling a post with all of these in a hopefully cohesive manner haha :)

Good. I have no doubt you will do a great job!

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I tend to spend time in a few different room. Some I am much more active it, while others I just lurk. Here are a couple of them.

Pay it Forward https://discord.gg/T3ad8Nz

This is the Discord home of the Pay it Forward Curation contest ( @pifc ) which I founded. We offer a weekly Curation Contest which we are on Week 78 (manually curating long before it was the cool thing) and week "Pimp Your Post" which allows anyone to drop a link to their post and tell us why to visit.

Steem Explorers https://discord.gg/VFgYFzt

Steem Terminal I tend to just watch to see if anyone has questions. Not a ton happening there right now, but feel the resource can become very useful if we start seeing more new people joining. The concept is to be a directory of sorts to help people find different resources for Steem.

Steem Flag Rewards https://discord.gg/Xp7sees

A group that is trying to help clean up the crap on Steem. A lot of the time I just support those who get flagged in retaliation, but also always willing to put in some downvotes for any plagiarism which I absolutely can't stand.

Oh my goodness. I think I'm apart of too many, I can't keep up with them all. Besides our lovely home with PHC. I am sure there are some others I should be in, but I don't chat much in Discord. I am that lurker person that watches everything and is a bit quiet. I know I need to just work on talking more 😋

Pay It Forward Contests (@pifc) https://discord.gg/5uxAWa

This is the Discord home of the Pay it Forward Curation contest where I am one of the judges along with @viking-ventures (yeah I borrowed your blurb) for the weekly contest. We are always looking for more people to enter with a post about two blog posts from underrated bloggers they wish to share about. There are SBI shares to be won every week, plus upvotes from the @pifc account. This is a neighbor helping neighbor, we all know some people that just need a little boost this is a great way to do that and invest in them too.

Natural Medicine/Mindful Life https://discord.gg/MKzEHf

I have been apart of Natural Medicine/Mindful Life for a little bit now. As some may know I had started Mindfulness Mondays a little over a year ago. I had taken a little break and started them back up a few months ago. @riverflows asked if I would be willing to help with their newly created Mindful Life community within Natural Medicine and move the Mindfulness Mondays post there. So we changed the name to Mindful Mondays and encourage everyone to contribute their thoughts, feelings, recommendations and such to leading a more mindful life.

These are the others I frequent semi-regularly
Team Possible (Steem Monsters)

My once in a while list to try to keep up on various things
SoCal Steemit

Aw, you dont need to talk at all if you dont want to! Just be you 🤗😘

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Awesome list! Thanks for taking the time to share all of these @tryskele :)

I am not so active at discord. The time I have left I used to check mostly PHC discord, Team Malaysia and Esteem. Then the rest is here at Steemiverse to do the usual upvote and comment. Occasionally, will drop by Steemitmamas discord. =)


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