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As a person which manages a blog group of 24k and has to read and evaluate all their content - I get really annoyed when I click their blog links and cannot find head or tail of anything! There is so much mess and noise from the start to the finish that it pretty much makes you want to just hit that X at the top right corner of your screen.

I am equally annoyed when it is an article which I have really enjoyed and want to say something but then realise that I "have to be logged in to do so" - This moment... is a PIVOTAL one! One which would be a silly squander! - A moment which STEEMIT should be making the most of!!!!! - With both better promotion for joining and possibly even the option for guest comments. (As it is unlikely that Steemit will change anything, perhaps this guest comment aspect is something that other front ends could explore)

When a person has read something which resonates with them, there is an urge if you will, to have their say. It is nothing short of a "blegh! moment when you can't add what you want to say because you are not logged in - but even worse when you don't even SEE that option, or anything that may ENTICE YOU to sign up!

Everyone on Steem is all "onboarding crazy" but nobody is looking at the things which are staring them in the face! I know that not ALL Steemians share their content outside of the blockchain, but there is a VERY GOOD PORTION of us that DO - and most are sharing Steemit links - and as much as they may like READING our content do you know what people are met with when they want to respond?!


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What is this!!??!! - It appears to me as insignificant as a white frame on a white wall! - An opportunity to EXCITE the outside world which is being completely disregarded! I personally don't post from Steemit anymore but I do share the Steemit links when sharing on other social media platforms as this is still the predominantly used front end and sharing alt links limits reader engagement of current Steemians. And if you scroll down any external feed... you will see that 99% of the links that are shared with the outside world are Steemit links.

I decided to test this on a few people this week - people that are NOT on Steem... I asked them to take a look at the post and find where they would be "invited to join". Out of 8 people, not a single ONE of them stopped at the ridiculous message pasted at the bottom of our posts. They ALL scrolled straight on through to the comments and then looked somewhat puzzled as they went up and down.... It took nothing short of two "up's and downs" before some saw the message to "sign up" - (And let's remember that I actually TOLD them to look for a place to "join".)

Can you blame them? NO - you can't. There is absolutely NOTHING enticing about that message!!!!! For all the people that share their Steem content on outside platforms... Steem is missing a PRIME CATCH SPOT!!!!!!!!!

Add some COLOUR to it for a start! There must be a million ways to improve that little space of enticement! - one which would probably gain MORE onboarding than ANY other effort!

But... having said all of the above, I realise that even posting this is just pissing in the wind...


Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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I think all your points are well made and in addition to suggesting that perhaps there's an opportunity here that you should consider exploring with some of the developers you know, a couple of thoughts:

For signed up steemians, commenting is much easier on Steemit - and it forms conversations which is really helpful. I know the other apps do, too, but on this, I think Steemit has the edge. Secondly, I think that while some of the apps "earn you points" - Partiko does, and you can redeem them for (a) vote(s) I use it from my phone because I get notifications which are easier to handle than from Discord. Secondly, it costs to post from Steempeak. The only dapp that doesn't cost (as far as I know) is Steempress. On which point, I might add, I am fortunate to get serious upvotes and my posts from there do much better than from Steempeak.

As for thinking that you're pissing in the wind: I say again - here's an opportunity for developers to "marry" their tech savvy with the design and marketing savvy of one of the most dedicated Steemians I know, and something I suggest you exploit. Piss, after all, contains one of the essential building blocks of life: nitrogen.....


lol @ nitrogen!!! And thank you for the compliment @fionasfavourites.

Hmmmm.... to be quite blunt, I think I am done extending and stretching my arms around here. I said it... someone else can get juiced - because I am all out.

Glad to have made you laugh!!

Hmmmm.... to be quite blunt....

I'd expect nothing less!

I will say this though, understanding exactly where you're at: I hope you don't regret it. I'm going to put it out there, though, that someone should take the lead and invite @jaynie to be the design part of the team. That would be a win.

I'll stop now. Not flogging dead horses.....

lol ;)

no regrets... just decided to do a little more prioritising from this point forward.


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i think you have that backwards.. there is a beneficiary for Steempress and Steempeak doesn't charge.

Thanks for that and yes, Steempress is a beneficiary which, to some degree is offset by the vote. Thanks again. Very helpful.

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I got a sulk face when I read that originally, so happy to hear it's the other way around lol :)

You certainly got a point. But what happens after they click to join? If I click on something and am asked for money - I run...

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You are not asked for money when you join Steem - you are given two options. Wait = FREE and Now = Pay. Although, I do think this could be improved upon to a large degree.... and it is almost shameful when the PEOPLE of Steem are offering immediate accounts to newbies, to compensate for the shortcomings of the site itself lol... sigh - although, none of the above are the point of this post :)

I know that it wasn't the point. But I am not in favor of bringing on new Steemians at this time because I don't feel that they will have much success here.
Your article just shows the many ways that the Steemit leadership is not up to the task. I admire you that you are charging ahead with trying to improve things.

I hear you, but as that is unlikely to happen (ie. Prevention of new membership) Steemit may as well try and make improvements... although that is also just as unlikely Haha!!

"...I am not in favor of bringing on new Steemians at this time because I don't feel that they will have much success here."

This is sad, but I agree.

It is sad indeed.

I think some dapps such as 3speak allow commenting without a Steem account. There must be ways to do it with Facebook or Google and then you can link them in when they do get an account.

If you know anyone who needs a Steem account without waiting to get approved then I can create them with resource credits.

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Would be great if there was!

And thanks, I will bear that in mind should the need arise :)

3speak does have guest accounts which actually earns the guest Steem when they leave good contents. You can learn more about them next Tuesday on the Curation Corner in The Ramble, when we'll be interviewing them.

Oh that is pretty cool! A great incentive too!!!

Yes I agree the call to action is weak and misguided and doesn’t inspired or direct a user to interact!

While a better prompt would drive click through the barrier to entry will still play a role! As a UX/UI person Steemit leaves way to much to the users interpretation and doesn’t do enough to guide the user

I have brought this up with a committee member and once the marketing SPS is up and accepted I’ll be pushing for some lekker changes both internally and externally to improve onboarding and conversion rate optimization

Agreed! And that sounds positive!

I highly suggest ditching steemit. I stopped using it over one year ago. They are not doing a thing with it and you will just go insane expecting change.

Steempeak, busy, esteem partiko even - all are much better in every way as front ends. Then we have great places like ntopaz and travelfeed for niches.

I haven't used Steemit for ages either. I dont like partiko either though. Steempeak is the best in my opinion, however... the sad reality is that a good 60% (thumb suck) are in fact still using steemit and those are the links being shared to the outside public. Just seems a total waste of a good opportunity... but yes, 99.9% chance that this wont change lol... is not going anywhere. Steemit Inc will be upgrading it BUT right now they are more focused on bring out communities and SMTs.

I prefer ... it's simple and straightforward

I agree with you re. it is indeed "clean" - but I have so many accounts to manage now lol - I pretty much use all the platforms as I can stay logged in on each platform from mobile and laptop (not a fan of switching from one account to the other on one platform)

I really hope somebody high up reads this article and responds. Something needs to be done.

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Yeah, although unlikely.

You - - - -

Spot On!

You should be in the marketing team hehe

hahaha thanks, but no thanks ;) xxx

The act of expecting steemit to be the solution to any of our problems or improvements is an exercise in insanity.

There is going to be a tribe or group that nails the interface and adds something special to the newcomers. It would pay dividends too as the loyalty made from habit which is made from simplicity will be valuable.

Amazing it hasn’t been done properly yet!

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I agree and I realise that even mentioning this is a bit like pissing in the wind lol, but like you say... it is crazy that it has not been addressed. It is also really unfortunate because like I said to Sharon, a good % of people are still using Steemit and those are the links being shared outside of the platform 99% of the time. Scrolling through Twitter proves this. Even though I post from steempeak I still share the steemit link because otherwise it shuts out a good portion of people that want to comment, because they either dont use or aren't familiar with other front ends.

Anyhooo.... lol is what it is I guess.

i say keep pissing in the wind. We need people with your level of influence and dedication to champion these sorts of issue that I personally believe are of the utmost importance.

Thanks @gooddream - thanks for the positive appreciation... means a lot.

Resteemed :-)

Thank you xxxxxx

That little space of enticement is/was such a valuable space that could be used better, I totally agree Jaynie.

But I've been looking for that sign in different older posts that I've shared and can't find it. I just shared an old article to Twitter to see if the sign would be on the article I'd shared. But it wasn't on it.

I know it's not on any recent articles as they are either posted from Steempeak or my WP Blog.

But I do love the idea of having a few banner options with maybe a link to explain what will be required in becoming a new Steemian. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Perhaps it is not showing because you are logged in. It only shows when you are logged out.

Of course? It's been one of those days Jaynie. Just logged out and sure enough, it was there still. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

hehe I can relate to it being "one of those days" ;)

I've just made a whole lot of very very yummy chocolates and they're very very healthy as well. Sending you some now ~ Hope you like them. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Yummy! Thank you XOXOXOXO Never a bad time for chocolate :)

the primary marketing effort should be on gaining and maintaining the userbase...each is as important as the other.

For signups, the top banner should be the "sign up and get paid" message.

As for maintaining, that is off-topic for your post.

I just wanted to restate your main point ;>

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Well that is the message currently being delivered, however my point is - it is not reaching the desired end point because it is... how to say this - ugly, boring and not in any way eye-catching. EFFECTIVE marketing is a tricky game... one which FEW grasp.

Maintaining the current userbase should ALSO be high priority, but all I am saying is, that when outsiders click on our content... there is not much THEEERRREEEE to make them want to JOIN US!

Changing the look, feel and impact of that footer is not going to break anyone's bank.... but could have a largely positive impact.

I think it should be the header, to address how hard the message is to find, but otherwise I'm in full agreement

yes, placement I was not in argument with - simply the content matter... so agreed too :)

UX sucks indeed. Too bad. Best thing was to onboard them via the Partiko website or the app, but I don't know how good does it work nowadays.

Steemit sucks ass big time in terms of UX. Better always referring people to other front end like Steempeak, or if you feel adventurous, Partiko.

Steempeak should be the default. When i show ppl Steemit, they find it difficult to navigate at all. Steempeak is definitely an improvement but again, we keep reverting to the "Free" = wait and i can't think of a tremendous amount of people that are willing to wait, especially since it is far from an immediate email confirmation.

I'm happy this is being talked about because I really feel as though the UX really should be a top issue.

Yeah I completely agree regarding Steempeak - but if you look at it all, it's getting really messy and confusing too - to the newbies... with so many front-ends... I reckon most of them don't know what the heck is going on, which isn't exactly the best encouragement. Yeah I agree, I think it needs to be addressed, but the question is, will anything ever change... pfffft!.

I only use steempeak these days, so agree with your there, but right now, that is not the majority - and either way... ALL could show improvement re. what I said.

Well I personally lost my faith on Steemit and Stinc loooong time ago. I do still have faith on Steem and the rest of projects that are still alive though.

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Likewise but the reality is a good % of people still use it and that's what the outside world are being met with which seems unfortunate

Normally when I share links to friends off the chain I'll drop them a link of Busy, not because of anything but it's probably the most appealing frontend visual-wise...I hope I'm not too far off but Steemit's UI feels like Reddit's old UI, minus the responsiveness, plus ads that steal the attention on the top. And you reminded me that there's no sign-up invitation on Busy! Sure, there's one on the right side (taking the place of the recommended blogs section if you're logged in), but you don't get a reminder that you have to sign up to comment or vote...

Guest comments can possibly be implemented on the frontend-side with Disqus or similar services, but it will be a problem when it comes to moderation or abuse because remember that most Steem frontends don't have real staff! Theoretically speaking the blockchain can also add support for guest comments, but it opens up another door for abuse and breakage.

Personally I think the problem of design here is how the thing should look like. Colours won't help here, because, honestly, possibly, people aren't looking at it because it looks like a part of what people have been adding to post signatures, just less visible. The 100% visible solution is to make the comment box more visually appealing (at least take up the post's width, please), visible 100% of the time, and grey out the whole thing telling them that they need to sign up to comment. When you can't see the comment box, do you even consider the chance to comment? Highly no...

At this rate of rant I should fire up my own blog site as a Steem frontend and just share that lmao.

but it opens up another door for abuse and breakage.

Valid point.

In fact, ALL valid points lol :)

Dear @jaynie

You may not like me and we may have some "unpleasent past" behind already. However I would still like you to know that I fully support you this time around.

I wasn't aware that new users are seeing such a silly message welcoming them. Right away it's building wrong mindset = that steemit is all about getting free steem.

Out of 8 people, not a single ONE of them stopped at the ridiculous message pasted at the bottom of our posts. They ALL scrolled straight on through to the comments and then looked somewhat puzzled as they went up and down...

Oh wow. That's such an awful result :/ Steemit should definetly change their "call for action" strategy and make it better.


I completely agree, @jaynie.
Allowing guest comments is something that has crossed my mind several times in the past.

For example, I find it really short-sighted that Steempress allows you to set up blog comments OR Steemit comments. Not both... at least, last time I checked.

That is really short sighted... and totally impractical

On point @jaynie - couldn't agree more. Would love to see a guest comment option...that would be interesting ☺

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yes indeed!


It is one of the million little things that they could have been doing for the past years. I love Steemit but wow it can be so frustrating to try to bring people over. And to see such opportunity just squandered!

Agreed! Sometimes the smallest of change can make the greatest impact...

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Thanks @pennsif :) Really appreciate the mention xoxo
Have resteemed and shared on Twitter.

The Steem marketing strategy is weak as you pointed out @jaynie.

yippidy doo!

It's crazy, girl, they can't have easier access to Commenting/Posting than this. Thanks for pointing it out

;) and thanks for stopping by!

AHA! Finally found the comment button!

Yes it's a shame they don't have an option like I do (and probably most other bloggers on their own WordPress site) where you can leave a comment and then tick a box once you've put your email in if you wanted to know follow up comments.

That would be a great way to onboard people as you can then capture their email addresses for potential future sign up AND they'd be able to comment, perhaps being interested in hearing a response about it?

Just an idea

LOL @nickyhavey!!!!!

And that is a great idea!

I know what you mean! I no longer bother to click on links to posts, because so many of them end up like you describe. I go directly to the bloggers page and scroll down to the correct post. I get to know them better that way.
It's interesting that we all scroll past a message that is so black and white.

sharing alt links limits reader engagement of current Steemians.

I don't understand this point, please elaborate?

This was posted on SteemPeak.. so you're a smart steemian, so why in the world would you share a steemit link to the outsiders? It is the most horid interface ever, and just because it's the 'most used' default interface, doesn't mean it's the one that has to be shared. Why? SteemPeak and the "I love SteemPeak" extension (for routing steemit and other front-end links to SteemPeak) should be the STEEM start-up kit honestly. Steemit would scare any experienced blogger away over time - Steempeak unleashed the advanced platform capabilities and showcases STEEM as a superior blogging platform.

Although it doesn't dazzle in this particular department either but at least it doesn't have that eyesore at the bottom, and the comment section of SteemPeak just looks a lot more professional and put together, honestly, Steemit does not have to be the 'most used' front-end.. We can definitely change that over time but need to start somewhere.. (and should, IMO)