Getting back into routine.... (plus some holiday memories...)

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So, our trip to Australia for meeting and remembering family and extended family is finally over... we arrived back in The Netherlands last weekend, and we are now officially mostly over the jet-lag. It is much easier coming in this direction as you aren't awake in the middle of the night, unable to fall asleep... instead, you just have to stay awake as long as you can in the daytime!

We arrived early in the morning on Saturday, and our girls had to go to school immediately on the Monday... so needless to say, it was a bit of a rough first few days. However, since then... we've managed to resettle into our school term routine... waking up and preparing... with one notable exception. Now the two girls want to have have their babycino in the morning (something that we had quite a few of in Australia but is not really that common over here). So, it means that I just need to warm and froth up a little bit more milk to do the two little espresso cups as well... plus a little sprinkle of Milo. Training them up early to be coffee addicts!


Whilst we were away, our oldest daughter had a trip out to a second hand store with one of her aunts. These places are pretty cool, sometimes you can get some really interesting and nice stuff for a pretty good price... and other times, you just walk away empty handed... but it is always interesting to walk in and have a look at least! However, my girl walked away with three presents for the rest of us and didn't get anything for herself! My wife got a bowl, I got a Star Wars yearbook (because she knows I LOVE space and Star Wars!) and her sister got a little pink cat!


Unfortunately, during the trip.... the oldest also managed to pick up a tick on her forehead (I also managed to get a couple on my body...). It was pretty gross as we only noticed it (it was just on the hairline) when it was completely full of blood! We were going to pull it out carefully with tweezers (you don't want to leave the head in... as it can get infected) but we had asked her to just get changed first... and it just fell off when she changed her shirt!

So, her it was in all of it's bloated glory... they are really weird little things... thankfully, there was no infection and no other possible diseases... (Lyme's or paralysis....). Still... it is a bit gross!

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so needless to say, it was a bit of a rough first few days

Oh yes! Both my daughters are dealing with new schedule changes since their kids started back to school last week.

Ha... it is a bit of a shock to the system... but a welcome one!

Ha... it is a bit
Of a shock to the system...
But a welcome one!

                 - bengy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Lucky, lucky my friend as tick bite fever is not a pleasant experience.
South Africa is very similar to Australia and the ticks infected me twice thus far.
Our little dog also had it but it was caught in time.
Severe headaches and swollen lymph nodes are at the order of the day with high fevers.
Glad that you guys made it back safely and are climbing the mountain again of normal life.

Ouch, that doesn't sound like fun at all... We were just keeping an eye on it, but thankfully it didn't develop. There was a little rash but nothing more!

Yeah, I deduced from your post that no real damage was done.
And we are certainly glad that nothing worse happened.
Next time please make sure that you apply the right type of essential oils to your bodies.
Or maybe there won't be a next time?

Love the babycinos. My own day starts with a large papachino!

Ha! It's the only way to start the day!

That is a long trip from Netherlands to Australia what part of Australia did you visit i am actually from Sydney , Australia but i live in Thailand. Did you enjoy the down under country ??

Glad to hear that tick fell out of your daughters hair they can be nasty little critters.

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We were all over the place (I'm from Perth and my wife from Canberra)! We landed in Brisbane, stayed in Northern NSW, headed up to Gold Coast, drove back down to Canberra... Hopped over to Melbourne and hung around Geelong!

It was a great time, but mostly family visits!... And it was winter...

That was quite a adventure and a lot of area covered i am Australia been there many years and haven't covered that much of Australia you did well 🌝

Eww ticks are gross. Glad you had a nice trip. I'm still away for a few more days.

Enjoy the play few days before the school chaos begins again!

Oh it is hard getting back into to the routines for school especially right after coming back from a fabulous holiday!
Do you know about #teasurefinds an initiative by @riverflows? This post would have fit great underit. Lovely that your child is so thoughtful of others and that that nasty old tick got discovered and dropped away!
Thanks for sharing!

No I didn't know about that, I just looked and I'll see if it is appropriate for it... Thanks for the heads up!