Has anyone had a power down just kind of cancel itself, before?

in #powerdown4 years ago

My next power down was scheduled for today. When the time came, there was no power down, and the power down process was stopped altogether. Has anyone else dealt with this?


From what I see I think you were unlucky. Possibly you did not try to withdraw 100% and last week the requested amount was almost completed. Then this week you got a very tiny residual and the withdraw finished after that.

Apart from that I have no possible explanation...

That’s what I suspected as well, but I’m pretty sure I did a full power down as I am switching accounts. Ah well..

Are you switching account because of all the shit that happened because of Kokesh and his minions or is there another reason?

I don’t really like Steemit anymore, and have pretty much lost all respect for the leadership here, but want to keep my @voluntaryjapan account open.

That, and yes, all the attention from the violent scammer and his minions.

I'Ve never been faced with that kind of bug before. It's strange. Have you tried contacting one of the Witnesses, maybe they could help.

no, never happened to me, that sounds strange. Did you have some delegations out that were just recently canceled?

Never powered down, how does it work, that slider is a bit sketchy...

Never every Powered down. I just move all my liquid Steem to Binance and buy TRON.

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