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RE: Has anyone had a power down just kind of cancel itself, before?

in #powerdown4 years ago

From what I see I think you were unlucky. Possibly you did not try to withdraw 100% and last week the requested amount was almost completed. Then this week you got a very tiny residual and the withdraw finished after that.

Apart from that I have no possible explanation...


That’s what I suspected as well, but I’m pretty sure I did a full power down as I am switching accounts. Ah well..

Are you switching account because of all the shit that happened because of Kokesh and his minions or is there another reason?

I don’t really like Steemit anymore, and have pretty much lost all respect for the leadership here, but want to keep my @voluntaryjapan account open.

That, and yes, all the attention from the violent scammer and his minions.

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