The Power of Words - How They Can Help Your Business

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Words have the power to change lives. They can make us fall in love, break up fights, and even win the lottery! In business, words can get you ahead or break you down. The key is knowing how to use your words and the right words at the right time.

"Words can be weapons...they can kill or they can be weapons for friendship. Words are weapons...they can kill or they can be weapons for friendship. If it seems that you don't want to hurt people, maybe you shouldn't be a writer." - Victor Hugo

People who own small businesses know the power of words. They know that a well written and carefully worded advertisement can attract customers and potential clients, increase profits, and bring in new clients and business. Writing effective ads is a skill in itself. It takes years of practice and much experience to become adept at creating ads that draw in customers and keep them coming back.

When writing ads for a small business, it's important to remember that you are selling not a product, but a service. Make sure you don't sell "you" but the ability to provide. Make your ad sound like an invitation to connect. Ask questions about what your customers can do for you. If you're not sure what you're talking about, think about hiring a consultant or a coach.

"Words can be weapons of deceit...they can be weapons of fraud and deceit. When used as a weapon they can kill badly. When used as a friend they can be beautiful and wonderful. When used as a friend they can be deadly." - Earl Nightingale

In business, the power of words can be a very real thing. Words can make or break your business, even if they're just words. Don't take these words too literally, or you could find yourself out of business before you've really built the business you dreamed of! Take these words with a grain of salt, but use them wisely.

"It is not necessary to have experience. " - A true business owner knows the importance of adding value, and often has hundreds or thousands of hours of experience that could be applied immediately to your business. Don't underestimate your value. People respect leaders who are experienced, and if you offer something of value - even if it's just a fact - it will help your business.

"I have this secret method that is working well for me." Ask the inventor of any new business he or she wouldn't share with anyone else. If they have no desire to share it, either with you or anyone else, this is one of your "secrets", and it will help your business grow!

Words have the power to change everything. If you find a new product or idea that can help your business, put "your" and "my" in front of it. When you start your ad, talk only about your new product or service. When someone sees it, say only "it's really great". Your message will have the power to create a better future for your business - and those who see it will do whatever they can to help you succeed.

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