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'Can I marry a lady who has a different doctrinal persuasion with me?

Dear Brother,
When it comes to marriage, doctrinal persuasion is key! There are certain things we don't take for granted because of emotions!!!

How do you intend to manage these when she tells you 'Baby I don't believe in speaking in tongues..... I don't believe there is a person like the Holy Spirit....i don't believe in this... I don't like that teaching..' and she is unwilling to learn.?

This is the implication of marrying such a woman:

When you receive words like "Go laugh in the spirit ' she thinks you are crazy. She can even talk down that instruction! Why? It is foolishness to her!!!!

She cannot relate laughing inthe Spirit to 'Baby We have bills to pay! '. She doesn't understand how laughing in the Spirit pays bills (Chai!!!! Please you have not been doing such laughs..... This is my prescription to you this year😀).

You want to sell properties to sponsor the Gospel......she will nag you to death! Why? She doesn't believe in giving!

Anything spiritual is just not her thing.

She should appreciate spiritual things as much as you do! She should appreciate truth as much as you do!! Our loyalty to truth is king!!!

Hey! We are men of the Spirit! When it comes to Spiritual things and the supernatural..... We lost common sense! There is no common sense to spiritual things...... It may be crazy to the natural man......... We know how powerful they are!!!!!
Life will be too frustrating with her!

For brothers involved in active ministry...... Don't take the risk! It is safer to marry a woman who listens to the same person you listen to! Who knows what you know..... She may not be too exegetical but she is willing to learn and grow!!!!

Teachability is king!!! Even if she doesn't know so much but she has a desire to learn.... She wants to be taught! She is given to the things of the Spirit! She is malleable!!!!!

A doctrinally-rigid woman who all she knows is false doctrine........ Should not be a choice!

Your loyalty to the truth should be perverted because of emotional attachment! The little things we look down on are key things in marriage!

You believe in 'God does not kill'.....she believes in 'the God of thunder and lighting'....... Is that not trouble already? Your children will be confused on who to follow!!!!!

How blessed is it for your children to wake up to a daddy and mummy praying in tongues and laughing in the Spirit..... A mummy and daddy always working miracles...A mummy and daddy always giving for the Kingdom.... A mummy and daddy very prophetic! Such mummies and daddies will raise wonder kids!!!!

If for anything..... Don't raise confused children!!!

Now you are single...... talk about it! Settle it!!! If she wants to walk away because of doctrinal differences...... Then let her walk away in peace!

The same applies with our sisters! I will advise you marry a man who believes in what you believe in!!!!!!! Baby it is risky to marry otherwise...... He will complain you are too Churchy.... You speak in tongues too much.... He will never understand why you are just too believing.......that's a life of torture and you don't want to experience it.

Never forget you will live all your life with the consequences of your choices!!!!!

There is no need praying over matters that wisdom can fix!!!!!

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