A Passion For Paving

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The initial response from the public to the Domino's pothole paving initiative has prompted the company to expand their effort to include all 50 states and continue with a second phase.

Trying to help save carryout pizza by fixing one pothole at a time, the campaign has been a humorous and highly creative effort from the company.

Some cities have even been working with Domino's on projects to get those potholes filled. When they first launched, they reportedly had submissions from every single state from people who were looking for the pothole program to come to their area.

And when cities are given millions toward fixing roads, meanwhile private business can come in and take care of the job for much less, a few thousand, it makes you wonder what's being done with all of those funds; when there are so many potholes left open on the street.

The domino's campaign has highlighted the people's passion for potholes.

Their campaign was so successful that they've decided to go ahead and move forward with a second phase of the pothole plan and they also created a website so that people could nominate potholes in their areas for repair.

"The core of this idea came from what we have heard from our customers: bumps and potholes in the road that cause customer anxiety about pizzas getting back to their home safely,..... Our goal on the public relations team was to tell the story of this program and drive nominations to our microsite." - J. Fouracre-Petko, director of PR

Beware The " Pothole Vigilantes"

People have become so frustrated with the inability of the city to tackle this issue, that they've been getting out there themselves and trying to fix the problem of potholes themselves.

A few years ago, there was one group, dubbed Portland Anarchist Road Care, that reportedly sought to do the same thing, go around fixing potholes in the region. Another group, the Pothole Vigilantes has been formed in California, and then there have been some who've been using less than traditional methods to try and help address the issue of potholes too.

The government has also issued warnings to people about trying to fix the roads themselves saying that it's dangerous for them to try and fix the road. Some might say it's more dangerous to leave it as it is. Regardless of the warnings, you can find a number of people have tried to help because they are tired of the failure.


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Isn’t it interesting indeed, a private business can get the job done faster than govt.... and piss away our tax dollars

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Where is it all going? Because it certainly isnt going to roads 🤣😂💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸

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