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RE: Welcome Qrater What We Do - How To Get Daily Upvote For 30 Days

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Dear @qrater, I have a question, what if I don't (but I hope not) post everyday? For example, I don't post one tomorrow but two on the next day, can I have the upvote? Thanks for your response. I ask this just in case I have issue with my browser and Internet network 😁
Actually I plan to use all the quota for the next 29 days.


Hi @cicisaja We're a human team here @qrater and if you're unable to post once per day then you can reach out to us using the @ mention and we'll possibly be able to provide you with some additional upvotes. We are predominately looking for members that post every day, but we do realize it may not always be possible under some circumstances. Please reach out to us if you do miss a post and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you so much for your response, now I know what to do, in case I come up with the situation. What a relieve 🤗
anyway, will you provide the information if your 20 registered account has made? I am afraid that when I expose about your program, they'll get dissappointed when trying to register, can I do that instead (i read your reply on @reonlouw above), I mean shall I include the name of the one that I want to register when I send you 0.010?

Hi @cicisaja that's no problem at all, we're here to help good content creators like yourself.

Yes, once we reach 20 members we will close applications. If a member does not renew after their 30 days then we will create a post explaining we have an extra position available.

Yes, exactly! We've got 15 places left at the moment for new members. If you would like to apply on behalf of another Steemian, please send a 0.01 with the memo "apply - @ theusersname" this way we know who you are applying for.

We hope this helps, and please feel free to get in touch if you need anything at all.


@qrater : I use Kryptoniabot services too, is it include in the rules about bid bot? this is something new to me, I don't understand bid bot at all and kryptonia is the only community I've joined to help me get more attention from others. does it mean that I can't create my task there before 48 hours?

Hi @cicisaja Don't worry, Kryptoniabot is absolutely fine to use with our membership. Most of our members are from Kryptonia and we welcome all Krytonia users.

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