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Last year while enjoying Garbicz festival in Poland - an alternative hippy-ish and electronic music festival - I met this great guy from Switzerland, Christian. As I, he was into underground, off-the-beat, and deep music. We met when Petar Dundov was performing (some of his music at the bottom of this post), in the middle of the afternoon at the most coolest stage they had. Since we both love Petar's music, and Petar can certainly be considered to bring good quality and deep stuff, the connection was quickly made.

We exchanged our ideas about what we like, what we want, and what artists we should go after for coming days (Garbicz is a multi day festival). But beside that, we also exchanged our favourites, our new discoveries and more.

One of the tips this guy gave me, was Rizzoknor. Since I keep a list on my phone with recommended music, this one was added, without hesitation! Just a month or so ago, when going through this list, I picked Rizzoknor and started to listen to some of his work at Soundcloud. And I must say, I'm pretty impressed! A little different to what I usually listen to, but for sure some solid good tunes they create. The style of music they produce and play, they call: Elektronik Rock or Kraut Rock. And yeh, for what I've heard so far, there are for sure electronic elements in it, but also many rock elements.

To stay in the vibe, I share with you the recording of their performance at Garbicz festival in 2014. This one is an uplifting set that helps me to go through grey days like we experience at the moment in Amsterdam.

I Hope You Like Me Selection...NJOY

Artist: Rizzoknor
Set: Garbicz
Year: 2014
Country: Switzerland









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Positive vibes yes, lovely music too @qsounds

Thanks; It sure is nice music :)