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It's more like a water mine, it seems to have water year round even though we are at the top of a hill. At the beginning of summer when we moved in the frogs would be making noise all day and night long.

With the dry summer the water level has dropped quite a bit, the tree trunk in the water was quite submerged a while back. The frog have also gone much quieter, though there are still frogs, it seems not as many.

It's odd how much cleaner it looked when it had more water, I am looking forward to winter and the rains so we can see the level of the water get higher again.

Unfortunately people think it's ok to dump their rubble etc. here, this was from a recent drop off someone had made, the water is on the edge of a road, I think over time it has eroded the soil away and formed the cliff you see. People back op their trucks or trailers and just dump the stuff over the side.

There are quite a few trees, pine and eucalyptus mostly. We have collected a fair amount of pine cones for starting fires in our fireplace in winter. All from these trees.

My house in the distance, so few neighbours, so little noise, other than the road.

Even more trees, behind me as I took this shot there is more land, again full of trees and it goes on for quite a while. One of the things I enjoy most with this house is the easy access to the forest, just to be able to walk in amongst the trees is really amazing.

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