This shot is a favourite of mine, I wasn’t going to the typical portrait where the eyes lock in and are the main focus point, instead I wanted to capture a feeling with this one. Something a bit more subtle with a dash of brilliant red hair. dsc_0127-edit.jpg


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Super nice picture, beautiful girl, beautifully captured moment! :)

I have to agree that emotions matter in portrait and on this photo you made a brilliant shot.

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For some reason the main thing in the portrait I am drawn to each time I look at it is her hair. The emotion in there in her face but the capture on her hair is fantastic.

It is gorgeous indeed. Resteemed ❤ #bescouters

Thanks so much! I’ve been away for a couple days so I’m behind on my socialising! I owe you a resteem!

Ohhh it is all good. No worries 😉

Awesome portrait man! I really love the feel to this.

This is a great shot! Obviously the emotion that you captured is the key, but I also like the way the brick wall picks up the color in her hair. Nice work all around.

Thanks so much! Really appreciate your feedback. I loved having the opportunity to work with a natural redhead. This area of the city worked so well to compliment the colour in her hair!

Great shot, love that shallow DOF and the fact that she is not staring at the camera. Makes it look very candid.

Thank you! This was actually a shot in between two shots that I originally intended to take, however this one caught my eye instead because of the candid feel, glad you like it!

Yeah, sometimes the unexpected shots turn out the best ones :)

You may already have it! Haha, just your standard 50mm f1.8! :)

haha:D quite cool for regular 50 1.8

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