Pretty in Pink


One of the more difficult things to do for me is to create dynamic portraits. I spend so much time underwater shooting fish and other animals I find it very challenging to find the right balance when it comes to humans.

I love a challenge both above and below the water, it keeps me motivated to find new ways to be creative and hone my skills.

Thanks for reading.


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Hello. Great. I love it.


It's a bit to bright for me personally. But those eyes made me want to write this comment. What a sick blues ! :D

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I agree, it's a bit overexposed, but the colors are fantastic anyway. Would love to see a version with slightly higher contrast

I have to be honest. I see too much tuning and photoshop in this photo. You should work more hard.

I like the coloring of this photo :) I have been wanting to get into portraits myself but I just find taking good portrait photos so so difficult :D

Holding a conversation (a halfwayintelligent one) while photographing someone is one of the most difficult skills to learn. It pays off in ways I cannot count to connect with the subject on a personal level.Thanks for sharing. Nice post. You have my vote

Upvote the pic💕

I would like to see myself on photo like this hmmm. Hihi
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good work keep it up

I think this is an amazing picture. Nice work!

For me it's too bright and edited. I like natural colors better.

Wooow beautiful :) so nice keep going :)

Doesn't look bad.Thanks for sharing.

Cool! Too much post work for my taste tho.
Check out my work and let me know what you think!

What a beauty! 😀 It might not be a photo taken underwater, but it is in her eyes. Beautiful! 😄

I feel this one is a little too bright. Great picture other than that. :)

Upvoted and keep on going!
All the best to you! :)

Very cute
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very nice photo of friends, I love it, I wait for your next posting

so beautyful

Pink color, color my favorite

This is a really captivating portrait!

Great shot, good work

good project <3

Hello, great work, i liked your post and reward it with upvote.

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We love youra challenge both above and below the water, the motivated to find new ways to be creative and hone my skills.
congratulations bro.

Please help. Follow me, I Will follow back

Very nice picture. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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