A hot drink for cold days like today


This photo was taken a long time ago, during one of the most beautiful autumns. Now it's just a perfect time to remember moments like this. Weather is getting colder outside every day while evenings become cozier and warmer here at your home. What can be better than a nice cup of a hot drink you love, soft blanket and a lovely view through the window of your room??

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Great photo. It really tells a story.

Thank you! It really reminds me of some warm and beautiful times.

Very nice thought. I always love when someone talks about a hot drink in winter. I always prefer a friend, an outdoor place, a cool breeze and a cup of tea for me and a cup of coffee for my friend :)
You brought a lot of good memories to Live. Thank you

Thank you for stopping by, want some hot coffee or maybe a cup of tea? :) Yeah it always feels nice to remember something what was so warm to your heart