I like the image quality that you publish, it really contains an excellent sharpness, and that story about the house of the tree is shocking but a question that I find curious as they do to communicate with the person who built that beautiful tree house?

Thank you for the kind words. The person who owns the treehouse is the one who built it.


Thanks again! :)

it looks like it was a great year :) what is the story of weird yet magnificent tree house?

So its got a really cool but sad story. The guy built the swamp and treehouse with intentions of having his grandchildren use it but unfortunately the owners son suffered from PTSD and took his own life before starting a family. across the water is a cabin two story cabin built by him and then also a research lab for him. Up the hill from this area is the mansion custom built by the guy. My girlfriend and I sat down by the treehouse and talked with the guy for a few hours. it was an amazing experience.

someone can make a movie or at least a documentary. i will never get there but where is that? :)

I promised the owner I wouldn't give out his location since its his private property that he still lives at.

Awww... That is so sad indeed. Maybe God or the universe has another blessing in store for him.

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Happy anniversary. I pray your love grow stronger daily.

We are very fortunate to have each other! Thank you for the positive support!

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Thank you!

You two and these shots are just perfect~ cheers to happiness! I love your work

I really appreciate you saying that! I'm very fortunate to have her by my side. Thank you for supporting my work :)

good post, I like your post ..

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thank you, keep on steemit.

so many great photographs! congrats on the curie upvote! Well deserved :)

I actually didn't know what a curie upvote was until you commented. lol Thanks though! :)

Hey huge congrats on your anniversary! Great photos too, hope you two are having a great day together :)

Thank you so much! Its something we have both been really looking forward to.

After fourteen (or fifteen?) years I forgot exact date of "day zero".
Thank god that my wife doesn't remember this anymore too, otherwise I would count years with The Big F#$%up Day :D

And I'm a bit jealous. I developed some nice photography skills way too late to document our beginnings in such a cool way as you did.

All the best for both of you. Together!

Thats rad that you two have been together for so long! it seems thats becoming more rare these days. Its really cool to be able to capture our journey and to have the photos to look back on and for others to also enjoy. Thanks for the support!

Beautiful. ❤❤❤❤

thank you so much!

High content post, i like it.

Thank you so much!

Well done! And I absolutely love that last shot on the beach.

thank you! those waves come in quicker than I thought!

the waterfal is my favorite among these photos

Its a pretty rad place!

Happy anniversary

Thank you!

Wow dude, what shots! I really enjoyed these ones. The ones that I liked more was the Waterfall one. Anywhere I wish you the best, you look really good and I hope that you carry on enjoying your life together.

Greetings from Venezuela,

Manu Rodriguez.

Thanks man! I really appreciate the kind words. We are really spoiled here in Oregon with the amount of waterfalls we have. take care!

Your photos really have much motion and and recording for life

Im glad you can see that. thanks for the kind words! :)

moment in your photo is very cool, symbolize kebahagian of you. if you are happy again for you, regards photography.

Thank you!

Dont jumpdown!
I like 3rd photo.

hahaha thank you sir.

looks like a very creative year :)

It was indeed! This year will be even better!

love the collection of photos you shared in this post!!

thank you so much! it was fun creating them.

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