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This photo was taken last 2015 on her wedding day. She is Ate Darlene, I’ve known her since 2012, she married my boyfriend’s brother. She is now living in Hawaii, USA with her family. I dreamed to visit them on the states someday.


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CameraiPhone 6plus
LocationNueva Ecija,Philippines

Thanks for passing by,


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Picture perfect


Thank you! 🙂


You're welcome:) I hope to be a bride someday and you too:)


Yes, in Gods perfect time. 🙂 Let me check your profile, are you new here?


I'm so sorry for my late reply , I fell into a little despair. Yeah I'm actually new , I joined this month because of my brother, I know next to zero about steemit lol! But I'm definitely gonna learn.
I just browse through the feeds and upvote or comment on the ones I like,
I like photographs a lot and yours was pretty so I commented on it 🙂

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