i love the mysterious mood of this shot - it's like we're catching a glimpse of a secret place that is hidden during the daytime, but quietly comes alive at night.

Nice description. Thank you!

i like portrait photography....😁😁😁

Wonderful Photo bro @drakmin

Thank you!

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Awesome Shot! I love the way the light leads your eye to the subject.

Thanks! Yeah, it's all about the light!

You are really good, bro!

I'm following you to see more of your photos (:

Great work! I hope you don't mind, I found your profile through various portrait tags and thought you might be interested in entering our first ever Steemit Wedding Photography Contest, with this weeks prize at least 2SBD for the winner, the full upvote amount (In SBD payout) from the announcement post will be added to the prize fund!

Wow! Simple and meaningful picture! So far I am impressed of your photos.
I have also once have Canon, but when I wanted to have a new one, I bought Nikon d3400, and I am kind of regretting it 🙄

Anyways! Thanks for sharing 😊

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