People's Expression Holds Machine Weapons

Hi my friends, this is my entry for #portraitphotography contest by @juliank.

A civilian posed as if he was firing with a machine gun on an Indonesian Navy Army ship. He said this weapon should not be used by civilians, so he just smiles as if he wants to shoot.

This photo taken by. @azirgraff and click on image to view full screen

MakeOPPO R8201
Exposure1/1111 / AP 2 / FL 3.8 mm / ISO 100

Thanks For Visiting My Blog. All This Photo Taken By @azirgraff 

Best Regards @azirgraff

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I was impressed to see the photo,
in general, aceh civil society can use machine guns.
because aceh people have been using machine guns during complications, therefore, they are forbidden to hold the weapon.
thank you for posting this.

only a style that can be displayed, but it was very capable for him. Thanks @abudar

Looooool. It's like a sniper, it looks like he's a gun expert. Just like you are very good at shooting objects with the camera. Thanks @azirgraff, Your shots are good to look at.

I think he is already an expert using machine guns because it is able to explain to visitors. Thanks @mmcsteem

You @azirgraff really really very creative, I was impressed.

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Good photo, full of energy)

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Top, good Post


his photo was amazing