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10/1/2017 12:53:29 AM

Been giving it some thought, and as a young guy, I'm seriously contemplating the nature of dating. More specifically, the promises we swear ourselves to, and the commitments we make. I mean, if I understood it correctly, I should be 'browsing' for the most compatible software to my system right? So why does it feel like most people want to form a contract right off the bat, and rush to say such meaningful things like I love you right away?

I'm probably thinking too much of it. I really do enjoy my freedom though, and maybe serious relationships aren't so much of a priority for me right now. One of my roommates came to that conclusion, when his girl rained heavy on him about their 'future', and a bunch of other details about him in some harsher light. I helped him shake off that negative talk, cuz we all know our true worth. And we're still workin on it daily.

So I'll keep an open policy while I flirt as best I can with the pretty women who waltz in and out of my life... And I'm learning to be more and more forward too. Many an opportunity I've wasted, and I'll no longer let that be the case. It's not easy to tell a girl to stop playing games with your feelings, and that you want her. Sometimes there are things that just have to be said.

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As always, let me know what you think of the posts. I need to increase their frequencies, that much I figured.


I think it's about perspective. You see it that way, while some other looking it differently . Some people wanna rush things, while the rest probably will take it as easy as possible.

I'm definitely in the latter. It was uncanny; both my former girl and my roomie's girl told us individually that we 'weren't enough/doing enough'. Everyone's definitely wrestling with these thoughts at some point I think.

Well you know yourself best right. People will look at it differently anyway, so why bother. I am at that point where I don't really listen to people any more lol

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