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Edwardian Era





IG: @HooverTung

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Manually curated by the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! :D

Where have you been again? :p
Awesome combination of colours!

I don't generally get much love here, so I just come and go every now and then hahaha
I'm glad you are one of the few who didn't forget about me though. :)

Good to see you pop in :)
A lot has changed in the last month here. And a lot of manual curation going on now with curators of various projects actually go look for stuff. Maybe you will have more love-luck now. Your photographs totally deserve it. Stick around for a while :)

Also there are thematic tribes with their own tokens, so you earn not only Steem on your posts but also other tokens that you can later trade. You might be interested in the photography one. Here is their discord if you want to join

Thanks Ewkaw!

Sounds interesting, I'll be sure to pop in more often from here on in. I'm surprised I even gotten 34 votes already!

I bookmarked the discord URL, I'll check it out later tonight when I wake up. About to get ready for bed.

Awesome! See you around then :)


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Perfect vintage fashion!

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Awesome series! I'm especially fond of the final two photos.

Also - am I misinterpreting or is this basically the subject's progression as she becomes more and more immersed in the world within the novel(s) she's reading? In any case, that's how I'm "reading" it, and the series is absolutely lovely (not to mention technically excellent) either way!

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