Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 80 — Bokeh — Entry 3 — Ada

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Now when you know what the bokeh is and how you can use expensive pro lenses with the quality of blur to remove distracting background, let’s see what can you do to secure a pleasing bokeh lens without breaking your piggybank…

Depending on your camera body, you can find several cheap and more than adequate solutions. You will probably lokk for the specialised potrait lenses first. For example, Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G Lens is an excellent choice with very decent price. Canon has its own version, Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Lens, which is even better priced. If that is still to expensive for you, and you don’t mind manual focusing, you can chose cheap and optically decent Samyang/Rokinon or Opteka 85mm f/1.8 lenses.

And my preferrable option — lens with double function! You can chose one of many macro lenses, which are almost without exception optically excellent, and have decent AF for portraiture. Especially good value would be Tokina 100mm f/2.8 AT-X M100 AF Pro D Macro. An excellent and relatively cheap macro lens, that can perfectly double as a portrait lens. It has only one objection — it is not sealed. If you want a sealed one for a decent price, then Canon’s “speed demon” Canon EF 100mm, f2.8 macro would be an excellent choice. Here are a pair of examples from this lens:

Category / КатегоријаBokeh
Settings / ПоставкеISO100, 100mm, 1/80 sec, f2.8
Camera / КамераCanon EOS 350D
Lens / ОбјективCanon EF 100mm, f2.8 macro
Location / ЛокацијаSmederevo, Serbia

Category / КатегоријаBokeh
Settings / ПоставкеISO400, 100mm, 1/160 sec, f2.8
Camera / КамераCanon EOS 60D
Lens / ОбјективCanon EF 100mm, f2.8 macro
Location / ЛокацијаSmederevo, Serbia

This is an entry to the Steemit Portrait Photography Contest hosted by our @jasonrussell at his @portraitcontest account


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What a lovely shots! Thanks for sharing some tips..

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Thank you very much, @maquemali, glad you like it :)

No problems! Good luck on the contest..

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