Slacker Hill, San Francisco

Jaclyn and Eric met at a rock climbing gym. Their outdoorsy, carefree wedding took place steps away from the entrance to Yosemite National Park. We took their bride and groom portraits on a granite rock face, a couple thousand feet above Yosemite Valley floor.

When we were planning their engagement photos, I knew I wanted to take these San Franciscans somewhere with a wide open view. I've shot a lot in the Marin Headlands, the non-city side of the Golden Gate Bridge, looking towards San Francisco. But what I didn't know about and stumbled upon was Slacker Hill. The walk there is straight up, and although short by hiking terms, not so short for photoshoot terms. But I have the best, most adventurous couples, and I can't tell you how many I've dragged up a hill! Jaclyn and Eric were more than willing, and we caught the best sunset! By the way, if you ever visit, directly opposite of this sunset is the Golden Gate Bridge!

This is my entry for @portraitcontest with the theme of golden hour, my favorite!



good luck to you friends, @joleenwillis and always happy. a very romantic photo.

Thank you for your kinds words as always Jhoni!

Wow, great photo with beautiful background!

Thank you so much! It's a beautiful location!

Whimsical light once even make that smog look good!

You know how I like that light!

Ahhh this is so magical. I haven't been down to Yosemite yet, but I plan on it pretty soon

Thanks Nathaniel! This shot isn't Yosemite, it's near the Golden Gate Bridge, however I do actually live very near Yosemite and it's as wonderful as you imagine! Try not to go on a week day

Hi @joleenwillis!
A link to this post has been featured in today's "W.W.'s Top 5 Photos of Steemit", where 100% of the SBD earned from the post is paid to the 5 featured photographers. Click here to see the post.

Thank you again for including me on a list with such beautiful work! I'm so happy to be included!

Wow that is stunning. What a treasures moment. Exquisite work.

Thank you so much! I was just checking out your profile and it looks like we have lots in common:) I'm looking forward to following along!

Oh thank you for following. I definitely can aslo see lots of common ground.

It has quite the "Princess Bride" feel to this shot!

Aka I love it!

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