Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 76 - "Movement" !!

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This is one of my lovely lady friends who in herself is a very fit and active young girl , she loves any exercise that involves movement like gymnastics which requires balance , strength or flexibility and she is amazing to watch she just bends and stretches herself in every which way possible. Here are some of her movements.

Entry No #1


Entry No #2


This guy i caught hanging out of a train carriage swinging around like a monkey on the bar and loving it by the looks of it.

Entry No #3



Category : #portraitcontest

Camera : iPhone 6



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Thank you @pixresteemer :)

Howdy sir hangin! wow what amazing photography subjects or models you have over there, no wonder you like taking pictures!


She is a amazing young lady and she's so good and flexible at what she does and yep i love photographing her :)