Portrait of the Steemian and Witness @surpassinggoogle

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Good night and happy start of the week.

Today I bring a new portrait of a Steemian who kindly gave me his permission for me to make his portrait, it is @surpassinggoogle who is a very kind person and was the only one who could help me in something I was looking for months , because the people I asked did not give me any information.

It is a Witness that is always helping our community of Steemit and if you have not yet voted you could do it in the following link https://steemian.info/witnesses, you will find it as @steemgigs and it is in position 56.

This post is a bit old but shows in words all the love that @surpassinggoogle has for Steemit https://steemit.com/witness-category/@surpassinggoogle/steemit-our-gift-to-humanity-please-read-this-steem-witness-proposal-post-till-it-s-eternity

Thank you very much for your visit, I say goodbye until my next publication.

Gif of Drawing Process

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one of the great steemian <3

That's right, he is one of the great league ;)

great post! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work! It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit!

Good portrait sister.... I like it your creativity...
Success is your...

Thank you very much ;)

Nice work!:)❤️

Thank you very much @knopka145 ;)

A el si lo haces bien, y a mi me pones cara de chucky jajaja

porque @surpassinggoogle es lindo y tu no ;)

Very very special. I am grateful. Thank you for letting me fall for you

she is a great artist @surpassingoogle <3
Hey brother how are you now?

I am grateful, @surpassinggoogle for all your effort and love for the Steemit community, which has helped me a lot, you are very special and it was a privilege to make a drawing about you, Thank you. ;)

@surpassinggoogle is definitely all you've said he is and more. I like the gif where you hsowed the drawing process.... It's amazing the talent that people have

I love your flattering comment @penauthor, thank you very much and about @surpassinggoogle is a very kind and interesting person. ;)

what a nice drawing ♥

Thank You!!!

portrait tells art through steemit

@surpassinggoogle is doing a great work for this amazing community. He is so kind hearter and started amazing project for the humanity. @steemgigs deserve to be in top 5 in witness list. I did my job and voted @steemgigs for a witness. now it's your turn. By the way nice way to give tribute to @surpoassinggoogle You made a real nice sketch. keep sharing your nice work @yanes94

If @surpassinggoogle is very important for the community your work is admirable for me, I already voted as a witness, thanks for watching my work and commenting it ;)

That's a beautiful portrait, I've been thinking of drawing @surpassinggoogle too. I've only been on steemit a month and I already know how passionate he is about others. He deserves a thousand portraits!

Yes, you are right he deserves much more, if he agrees you could make his portrait too.

Wow! You are very creative! @surpassimggoogle is looking awesome in your drawing. I am sure he will like it too.

Thanks @aamirijaz. Yes, I hope he likes it too. ;)

One Of The Great Steemitian I Have Ever Seen <3

Yes, you're right @zaviyar

Best choice of subject. He has a kind heart and a helping hand.

That's how @christyn is, he's a very good person.

True true true that

This is amazing , what a great talent ..

The generous man I've ever known

Good thing you met him, he is a very good person. ;)

you are a great artist @yanes94 this is really awesome the way you draw sir @surpassinggoogle. wow!!!

Thanks @steemit-fairy for your nice comment. ;)

truly an image of inspiration

Thank you, yes it is.

I really liked the portrait!
Your work is wonderful, congratulations.

Thank you very much @samic for your kind comment, it makes me happy that you liked my work.

so creative, what kind of pencil did you use for that drawing?

Thanks @kaiza for the comment, the pencils to use were 2H, 4H, HB, 6B and 2B mark Van Gogh

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