My entry for the 7 DAYS 🖼 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! 🖼 by @flamingirl"steemCreated with Sketch.

Hello today i participate to @flamingirl photochallenge here is the link if you want to participate:)

I start this first day of the challenge with a photo of my beautiful daughter. She was around 5months old on this photo we went to France for Christmas to introduce her to her french family. Im at the moment im writting this post seatting on the same couch where i took this photo in my mums house. She is now a little toddler nothing like this tiny little baby i can't believe how quickly she is growing up!!!
Here is the original photo i took it was my reflex a canon i dont remember the model :D I didn't bring it over with me this timeIMG_0857.JPG

Aujourdhui je vous retrouve avec une photo de ma fille chérie quand elle était toute petite. Cette photo est pour le challenge photo de @flamingirl. Ma fille avait environ 5mois sur cette photo. Sa me fait tout drôle de la revoire si petite aujourdui elle a deux ans,parle, danse,cours de partout...Les enfants grandissent si vite!!!

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Babies do grow soooo fast!! I feel you there momma..

Your baby is adorable! 😍

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Thank you for your comment:) yes they definitely grow to fast!

What a beautiful picture! And that baby is spectacular! Thank you for sharing it:). Greetings from Venezuela.


Thank you so much for your lovely comment:)

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Thank you:)

Super cute shot. I like the B&W better


Thank you yes i like it in black and white better to:)