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/*Legal disclaimer. Please do not take this as financial advice. All opinions and statements expressed within should be treated as such. */

Quick note on PPT distribution, it’ll be this Sunday (09/07/2017). Please see our other update for more information. (https://medium.com/bitpopulous/ppt-release-what-you-need-to-know-cb03db79c59d)

What is it?

We’ve been keeping our cards pretty close to our chest, and for good reason.

Competitors ripping off our Whitepaper, comments being repeated almost word for word in other Slack channels.

Fortunately for us, we’re in good-stead to not only bring a product to market, but exponentially grow it thanks to our ICO and your belief in us.

There’s been a few details leaked on how we’re doing tokens differently.

This difference, which some have picked up in the whitepaper and through our slack, is what some of our investors are calling ‘Our Secret Sauce’. This is what really sets us apart.

Let’s explain.

Pokens and PPT

The first thing to know is, PPT will actually be usable on our platform. Within our smart-contracts you’ll notice that PPT, the token, can actually be used to purchase invoices. We’ll look at this a little further down.

On top of that, investing your PPT back into the platform will essentially become another form of holding the token. You’ll still be the owner of said token, while also putting it to work.

Simply, you can both invest and hold PPT, while also earning recurring revenue over a 30, 60 or 120 day period.

It’s important to note, and the keen eyed among you will notice that PPT as a token has a capped supply (36,000,000). So we’ll actually be using another form of tokenisation, Pokens, for the internal distribution of credit and returns.

What will this look like?

You, as a PPT holder, will have access to the Populous platform. On the platform, you’ll then be able to see all of the invoices available to purchase, along with their respective terms. With PPT, you’ll then be able to invest into said invoice.

We’ll then deposit your PPT into a Poken smart-contract. For examples sake and since we’ll be starting in the UK, this will be a ‘GBP Poken smart-contract’. This will resemble the collateral owed on the invoice.

In return, you’ll receive GBP Poken tokens that represent said contract you just invested into.

We then trade that invoice for you, with your GBP Poken.

Poken GBP is distributed to the Invoice seller.

After repayment, the initial PPT used as collateral is returned to your wallet (In effect, you’ve held this), while the profits are given as GBP Poken.

To illustrate this, here’s an example:

  1. Invoice seller lists their invoice of £10,000 for £9,500.
  2. This is then shown as 9,500 GBP Pokens.
  3. Alice invests in the invoice for 9,500 GBP Pokens (100% of the invoice sale price).
  4. Once the invoice is settled, Populous receives it and turns the £10,000 into 10,000 GBP Pokens.
    5.Populous takes fees, 95 GBP Pokens.
    6.Alice receives her PPT back to her wallet along with 405 GBP Pokens.

Of course, profits will vary along with fees.

So urh, PPT value?

For legal reasons, we can’t really comment on this. However, here are some stats and observations.

We have currently just under 1100 unique PPT holders. Which in relative terms is very few.

The general sentiment is that of going long on PPT and holding.

Along with the profit-backed mechanisms and uses of PPT beyond just an intrinsic store of value, we believe that it’ll be in demand and generally become harder to get a hold of.

None of this is financial advice or advice on what to do with your tokens. Just our observations and where we see everything going.

If you haven’t already, read our previous update and make sure you’re ready for our distribution this sunday!

The Populous Team.


I am excited, for sure. Wish I hadn't missed out on the ICO!


Nice buddy, looking forward to more secret sauce insights. =)

We are excited to see what happens to the price of PPT and when the platform goes live. Please check my recent post to spread info about Populous.


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