My World is Falling Apart - My Account on Poloniex got Hacked and I lost all of my money

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Guys, that is the worst day in my life right now. I'm writing this down as tears are rolling down on my face and I can't even see the screen clearly so bear with me. I don't know how this could happen, but someone hacked into my Poloniex account and got rid of all my savings. They sold all my current holdings and with the Bitcoin, they bought NXT, what ever the shit that is. I noticed that someone got into my account I did the only thing that seemed sane to me at this moment because I thought that I was still the person that was holding the account - I changed the password. That was not a really good Idea, now I can't get back into my account for some reason.

What had I planned to do with this money?

My Girlfriend and I wanted to go to Newzealand for one year and travel around. That's what the Funds were for, that was money that I accumulated over a few months working part-time in a really bad work environment. We had planned this for months and I put most of the money into Bitcoin, which made me a nice return. I invested into Bitcoin when it was around $1000 in the beginning of the year and it was now at $3000. Today was the day that I wanted to cash-out and book the flight and Hotels with this money. But it seems that life would rather fuck with me.

My Girlfriend already has everything booked and will travel there next month. It was my dream to travel with my girlfriend around new Zealand, to see all the awesome places over there and make a lot of memories with her. Well, I guess that Poloniex fucked me in that regard.

Do not trust Poloniex

How is it that one of the biggest Exchanges on the Internet can't keep your account safe?

I google around and saw that a lot of accounts on Poloniex get hacked on a daily basis that is just pure bullshit for such a huge Exchange.

My message to you is: DON'T USE POLONIEX

Sorry that this is not a detailed Post or really well written, but I can't stop my tears right now, this is literally the worst day in my life and I can't anymore. I might as well die right now, that is how I'm feeling right now.

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Also terribly sorry for your loss here. It seems you used Two Factor Authentication for your trades. Confusing how the transfers could have happened. I typically receive emails for any major changes to the account from Poloniex. Was there anything in your inbox that indicated anything? Is it possible you were going to a malware site to input your information into? Really really feel bad for your situation but thank you for informing us of it. Hopefully we can upvote you enough to start to make up for a portion of the loss. You've got mine

I'm sorry for your loss buddy and hope you can recover from it!
The other day I had a regular Chrome browser open and I wanted to go to Poloniex. When I got to the site I noticed a new tab popped open that redirected to a bunch of sites, one of them being and then landed in a clone of Poloniex login page. The only difference was the url was something like and not Poloniex!!

I put in fake details and it was immediately "refreshed" to the real Poloniex login page.

My thoughts are, it was a malware doing phishing to my account. and the idea is once i've put in my 2FA they would immediately use it as they already know my user / pass and.. viola! the account is hacked..

I tried Bittrex as well and the same thing happened.. So this was NOT a poloniex issue but a problem with my Chrome browser.

This did not happen in FireFox or chrome incognito. I cleaned my computer and think I solved the problem but I'm VERY cautious now before I log in to any exchange.. ALWAYS check the URL before signing in!

Holy crap... that's one damn tricky malware there. And you'd never be the wiser when it happens to you. Glad you had some keen observation skills and you should totally do a writeup on this experience to warn others. It's a valuable lesson. Upvoting and following. Thanks for the info

Never hold a crypto on the market

Im confused. So they hacked your account, but only chose to trade your existing currency for NXT. That's kinda weird. And then only after you changed the password did you actually end up losing access. Even more weird. Sorry this story just sounds a bit off tbh. I'm sure there have been many people that have been hacked on Poloniex and other exchanges, but if that happened the first thing that would happen is the account would be cleared. Anyhow sorry if this is true.

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Did you use a strong password and 2fa-authentication before that hack?

I did use a strong password and 2-fa authentication and I don't know how they got inside my account.


Thanks for the heads up! I've taken everything I can out of coinbase and poloniex and stored it in Exodus (highly recommend). Stay positive brother! Karma is a bitch and it works in mysterious ways!

I hate my life right now.

Hi great, post and good you warn everyone! I read lots of bad thing about Poloniex and I think it isn't trustworthy. I have upvoted your post and hopefully you can make some good money on this post to cover your losses !

That's heartbraking
But if this happens on a daily basis, why are they still "one of the biggest exchanges".

I don't understand this myself.

Hope you bounce back strong and live your dream with your girlfriend

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I know it must be tough right now, but try don't let one day ruin things seems you have a great relationship no matter whether you spend it where you are at or New Zealand or the Moon you can still share the joy together...
hey maybe you will find a way to log back in and you will find the NXT shares gaining 1000% value and having more than before you got hacked..maybe try emailing the poloniex support team and wait 28 days for a response..

Let me start by saying, very sorry for you loss mate. Yes I've been hearing about this possibility for quite some time now and yes, exchanges and online webwallets could without a doubt get hacked. Keeping your funds on these exchanges is a daily risk. It's not just poloniex were talking about here. Could be bittrex, kraken, etc. But let me ask you... do you use the 2FA code before signing in? Do you open an incognito tab while using poloniex? I've been advising people to get a hardware wallet such as the ledger nano s to keep your bitcoins and altcoins secure, that way yours funds are secure and away from prying eyes.

I personally don't keep anything on an exchange unless I wanna trade. Again, sorry for your loss. My advise to you is don't give up, see this as a learning experience and move on. If you wanna learn how to keep your bitcoin and altcoins secure, follow me!

Wow sorry to hear, man. Upvoted and followed. I'm using Poloniex to lend with, making 60-80% annually. As someone else said, contact support and then wait a long time (I have a ticket regarding their API timing out, which they haven't answered in 9 days...).