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Eobot Cloud Mining:

Mining other coins like XMR and BTC: https://www.genesis-mining.com/
Use code for 3% off: (WSwDpG)

For Bitcoin Wallet: https://www.coinbase.com/join/bvadams

Donate here:
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Ok so, I did a bit more research on this "Eobot" and I will say this again and again and again! If anyone is going to be purchasing 'hash', I recommend checking out "NiceHash" - https://www.nicehash.com/
Some perks that you get when dealing with Nicehash - No contracts and you can even sell your hash like c0ins(genius).
And on top of that, you can direct your 'hash' to any pool of choice ;) You are buying directly from the miners. I will be purchasing some 'hash' come time this wknd and will post my results.

"E0bot" 0n the other hand -

Question(above): "CAN I SELL MY CLOUD-MINING(contract)

0k nice so, when we purchase hash(GHs) via "Cloud-Mining" It gives Us more power to mine whatever c0in we choose to mine on the site(Eobot)?
I haven't yet read into it. Again, very busy elsewhere. But I will soon! Help would be appreciated.
Donate? hell I need donations! I'm getting nothing from my postings and I only have 100+ S.P. lol

I thght I would like the results [email protected] but honestly there are better ways to accumulate STEEM than Eobot. I will continue to use this service however and also continue to invest into it but we can make more either trading STEEM itself, taking Burst Asset payouts and buying STEEM and 0r investing 0.01 which is around the same amount I invested into Eobot_STEEM-Mining($10) with those Btc Hyip sites lol - Just hop onto a newly created site and gain 3.6% a day = 2 Steem a [email protected] current STEEM rate(price).

@Eobot, It takes too long to accumulate just 1STEEM with a $10 investment. But I like the set-up, fun to watch the numbers move ;) Plus, Eobot seems to be more trust-worthy than those Hyip programs. This is the 0nly reason I see myself staying here to invest. The purchasing of Hash(GHs) is another reason and it looks like a great idea. Will have to look more into this.
Nice vid 0nce again by the way, keep it up!

Yes, in Eobot is always a pleasure to see numbers running all day. I'm mining Ripple and BitShares on it. I have another method to earn even more on Eobot. Buy Cloud SETI and Cloud Folding power to increase your earnings. It will give you Curecoins and Gridcoins. You do not need to mine those coins with GHS 4.0. Cloud SETI and Cloud Folding do it for you. Then you exchange Cureand Gridcoins for GHS 4.0 power.

What SETI and cloud Folding? And how much are the Cureand Gridcoins worth?

Current prices on Polo:
Curecoin - 0.00007099 sat
Gridcoin - 0.00000645 sat

Cloud mining all the way for me. These are the sites I use!
All Free Gh/s.
Eobot - https://goo.gl/FVAp7L - Daily free faucet!! Number One & Most Trusted
Fleex - https://goo.gl/hyff4J - 100Gh/s
Rapid - https://goo.gl/W1CzRr - 100 Gh/s
CryptoS - https://goo.gl/LtaaTU - 20Gh/s
MinerClub - https://goo.gl/Lfok5X - 15 Kh/s
Nano - https://goo.gl/ZgcrQe - 15 Khs
Elite - https://goo.gl/72rxWA - 5000 DogeCoin to start investing.
Demix - https://goo.gl/pcpMve - 5 Gh/s
DogeMine - https://goo.gl/syBPcZ - 20 Kh/s
I do not recommend you invest $$$ except in Eobot, more your time,
in and internally generated Gigahashes
Then cash out when you like the day returns!
Then send it over to Eobot to boost my account their.
Please use the links so i can gain a small amount of Gh/s for your referral.
Happy Mining.

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