Poloniex - Steem DISABLED for WEEKS?

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What the fuck.. Why is this still going on? Of course this is driving the price of Steem down when most of it is on Poloniex and it's DISABLED. This has happened countless amounts of times and now this last warning has been here for like 2 weeks I believe, if not more.

Is it on @ned? Is it on us? Is it Polo's fault? Why hasn't this already been fixed..

*end rant


I use Bittrex (which the price of Steem is like 5-10% higher usually on there anyways) but that doesn't change the matter of the fact that Polo's driving the price of Steem down. This isn't the first time the markets were manipulated. I think Steemit would definitely be a few points higher if people could actually trade it on Polo. And considering @poloniex has a HUGE account with Steem in it.. idk. That's worrying.

Yes, saw that for a week when verifying charts there. I made a post asking people, but suppose i haven't got many followers to read it and answer what is the problem.
They can do that i think...
I thought is steem chain problem, but seeing on bittrex working.
Who knows what they do.

I wouldn't be surprised if Polo did an exit scam one of these days

Maybe is too hard to say that, but anything is possible especially in this world.

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im guessing they might have been hacked and are using fees to cover losses by releasing steem to users in blocks every few weeks while prolly blaming the platform as a scapegoat

Really? What makes you think they could've been hacked?

i got my steem after like 3 weeks while others with larger amounts withheld for longer have still not had their coins released

i have almost 3000 steem coins that are disabled on poloniex. its really annoying and it feels to me like they might have indeed been hacked. i mean why else can i not access my coins for over 2 months?

Just for the record, i did put in a ticket with poloniex yesterday and today i can access my steem coins. i wonder if its safe to leave my steem coins at this time on poloniex. Anyone?

Hacked is one thing and blocking it is another thing. We can't know for sure what happens. But accusations made without foundation make no sense. Just maybe to troll them... :-)

been going on for way too long, and they seem to be selectively releasing funds. at least I got my steem from them tho.

just how im feeling, not to be taken as gospel what-so-ever

yes, we must say what problems we have with them always.
I heard one of the youtubers said that they stolen more than 300 steems... who knows. It is what he said, it may be true...
I saw that they are serious business in first looks. Hope they are.

i had to wait about 3 weeks for a deposit to them from my steemit acct in the amount of 233.015 steem. it did however get credited to my polo acct, but i def sent it to them with the proper unique memo and it still took that long

guess what happened to the price of steem while i was waiting for my deposit to clear????

first guess didn't count, try again!!

i read get credited and then guesss... without seing word clear at the end :-))

You lost money waiting to get them out because the price dropped (it was only one way left...:-))) ), as i saw others did have them vanished as they said... that's really sad and must be proved in some way to let others know...

talking about that, what news channels you use to get info's?
I've made a post, if you would like and others, please share where can we look for objective news, especially now:


tks, and hope you will not loose again

This is why more people should use OpenLedger, the decentralized exchange.

With Polo's warning still in place though a lot of people can't buy/sell at the current prices, and obviously being a big marker it's doing a lot of things

Screw poloniex.

And I used only coinbase till now, so already screwed! -_-

Both polo and coinbase are competing for top spot in "Worst bitcoin company"

I'm very disappointed Poloniex. too many problems with them I don't recommend anybody use that service I just don't use them anymore.

Very disappointing, that's for sure. Seems like good things always wind up with issues and eventually shutting down. If there are other platforms to use, it's best to diversify as much as possible and not put all your eggs in one basket so you don't get screwed if a platform goes down permanently.

I think it's already more than 1 month.... Horrible...

bro shift to bittrex ,i was on polo but there services is not good than i move to bittrex

Oh don't worry, I already have. Long ago. I withdrew EVERYTHING. But that still doesn't change the matter of the fact that they're driving the price of Steem down by keeping it disabled..

It's all a crock of bs . . .

Good rant. Wtf? I was wondering the same thing. @avilsd

Bittrex also has wallet maintenance since this morning i cannot access any funds:(

oh bad news

I got the chance to switch to Polo when they opened them a couple of weeks back.. Didn't want to go down the drain along with Polo :l

Just sit it out and check when it's back up so you can transfer it to a different exchange ASAP.

I add my own angst and frustration to the chorus.
Is someone managing steem and steemit listening?
Are they afraid we'll sell off our steem!
I've got news for them: I wasn't selling, I bought some steem and the transaction is now stuck between Poloniex address and my address on steemit.

Hopefully it's fixed soon because I'm tired of seeing Steem below the 50s

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Steem / Steemit itself also have maintenance

hope they will fix these problems soon

I find Poloniex easier to use; the trade history/analysis is great for swing trading. Bittrex has plans for this in future I believe? Also the low price on steem and bytecoin is good for a swing trade when the wallets come back up.

use bittrex they have no SBD issues

It's sad to read this is happening to others. But glad to know there's a possibility it's not lost. I sent some from poloniex over six days ago and still haven't seen it in my Steemit wallet.
Hope it shows soon. =~\

I have been hearing problems about this exchange for months not weeks! I learn from others to look esle were.

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