Chamonix Valley 🇨🇵☣️😷 Pollution Crisis

in pollution •  5 months ago


Would you come to Chamonix to get some fresh air? Well, you better go to Lyon ! It's a beautiful city & air is fresher ! 😂

If you follow me, you know I live in the french Alps where everybody thinks, nature is beautiful, mountains are amasing & you ll get some fresh air ! Ok, nature is beautiful, mountains are amasing but the air is polluted as f**k (Sorry) !


The grey smoke that you can see in the valley is due to differents things.

First are trucks, thousands of trucks everyday crossing Italian & Swiss boarder.

Second are the industries, it was and still is one of the biggest activities in the valley (with tourism of course).

Third are the fire places in every houses due to the cold winter !


I started to shoot a short film to show the world what's happening here ! I will get in touch with associations who work on it already, to know more about this tragedy.

Thanks to everyone who already get involved !
@einarkuusk @delishtreats @arthur.grafo @sallybeth23 @yogajill @karja @c-squared

@steemit Check this out 😷

Thanks for reading this 🙌

I really appreciate your feedbacks & resteems! It gives me the motivation to fight to show the sad reality of the french Alps !

Have a great day 👌
Love you all 😘


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Thanks Man ! I really appreciate 🙌


good, gorgeous, play with creating a few comments that are neither intelligent, nor relevant.

Why don't you explain to us what is 'cool' (never mind 'incredibly cool') about the pollution talked about in this post?

You have not made one single post, you think you'll survive with meaningless comments and resteems?

Someone will get fed up with you and the flags will start...and you will have wasted an opportunity to show you have some worth and to make friends.

You may find it depressing, posting this kind of story on Steemit. You will get only a few comments...unless some of the big fish with lots of followers take an interest.

Do not give up, your posts will serve to create other posts, here and on other platforms.

Fireplace smog should not be a problem, as there are many kinds of fuel that do not damage the air to such a degree. If the wood fires, for instance, are taxed, but those with very little smoke could be slightly supported, for instance, by reducing import duty (if it exists).


I'm not depressed, i'm motivated ! 💪
It will take time like every big things of your life !

Fire places, even if this is not the real problem (2 Millions cars & 700 000 trucks/years crossing boarders) but it still make some fog that stays in the Valley !
I will find more with the associations !

Thanks for the support again ! 🙌


And let's resteem it to fish some big #whale ! 🐟🐡🦈 😂


Done - not that I get any big fish in my pond, just some water fleas and crabs (lol, that was not meant as a comment on those who visit my posts)

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