Vidéos marquantes 2020-02 1 de 2 (EN)

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Voici un palmarès des vidéos anglophones qui m'ont marquées et que j'ai écoutées dans la première moitiée du mois de Février.

Thèmes principaux

  • Actualité
  • Censure
  • Motivation
  • Trump
  • Environnement
  • Socio-Politique
  • Économie & Cryptomonnaies



Felix Rex - Black Pigeaon Speaks (19m23s)

#Expose2020 PART 5: Warren Staffer 'No One Gives a F**k About a Pronoun!'

James O'Keefe on Warren Staffer (5m54s)

BUSTED: NH Primary Elections Official Breaks Election Law “I Think Voting Any Democrat is Wise”

James O'Keefe on Primary Elections Official (5m37s)


Lauren Chen - PseudoIntellectual #133 (17m04s)

Ivanka Will Save Them All?

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (17m09s)

Antifa Actually PROTESTED A Trash Cleanup??! Trump Supporters Protested By Far Left For CLEANING

Tim Pool (19m46s)

Democrats Are Now OPENLY CHEATING And Don't Care, Leftist Democrats TOO WEAK To Actually Stand Up

Tim Pool (24m02s)

China Deploys MASSIVE Drone Army Spraying Chemicals To Combat Coronavirus

Tim Pool (10m49s)

The Iowa Caucus Screw Job Explained

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (13m34s)

Is He Still Alive??

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (17m28s)

The US Is Planning Martial Law Due to the Coronavirus - Important Info On Protecting Yourself!

Jeff Berwick - The Dollar Vigilante (29m30s)

Jordan Peterson Daughter Speaks: Important Lessons You Must Learn!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m49s)

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Win Reveals Media Manipulation

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m38s)


Steven Crowder & Alan Dershowitz - Louder with Crowder #628 (86m27s)

Democrats PANIC As Republicans Launch Formal Investigations Into Biden, Announce MORE To Come

Tim Pool (25m02s)

Democratic Party Is COLLAPSING, Chaos Erupts As Voters Quit, Turnout TANKS, And DNC CHEATS Bernie

Tim Pool (25m26s)

Famous Democrat Predicts Democrats "End Of Days," Says Bernie Sanders Far left Is A Cult

Tim Pool (24m53s)

Military Preps For FULL BLOWN Coronavirus Pandemic As Experts Warn Senate Thousands In US Infected

Tim Pool (11m36s)


On Activist Media CARTELS & Big Tech POLITBUROS

Felix Rex - Black Pigeon Speaks (13m26s)

Zuckerberg Censorship BACKFIRED, Pledges To Support Free Expression

Tim Pool (11m06s)

INSANE: They're Trying To Shut Down Journalism!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (7m38s)

Alternative Media Supergroup Speaks Before Being Censored!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (12m21s)

Youtube Censorship Has Become Nightmarish, US Senators Rand Paul Has Floor Speech PURGED

Tim Pool (10m48s)

BREAKING: People Being DISAPPEARED! Is China Hiding Something BIG??

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (13m31s)

Free Speech Debate Ignites In France After Young Woman SLAMS Islam As "Religion Of Hate"

Tim Pool (11m21s)


Need More Self-Motivation?

Ray William Johnson - Svperhvman #008 (9m17s)


Trump's Acquittal Counter Offensive Has Pushed Democrats PANIC To The Limit, They Are About To Break

Tim Pool (25m27s)

Democrats PANIC As Democrat Voters Vow To Vote Trump, The "Never Bernie" Movement Taking Over

Tim Pool (23m32s)

Democrats Voter Turnout In Iowa FLOPPED Paving Way For Trump 2020 Landslide Amid RECORD Approval

Tim Pool (24m02s)

Trump Is Right, Democrats Are LOSING To Far Left, Reddit Pushing INSANE Ideas From AOC Is Proof

Tim Pool (20m01s)

Democrats QUITTING And Vow NEVER To Vote Democrat Again After Pelosi Tears Up Trump's SOTU Speech

Tim Pool (21m21s)

Tearing Trump's Speech BACKFIRES On Democrats As Pelosi DEMANDS Social media Delete Trump's Video

Tiom Pool (23m43s)

Trump's "Dream Scenario" Unfolds With RECORD Approval Rating And Democrats In Complete Chaos

Tim Pool (24m58s)

Democrats Fear Historical 2020 DEFEAT, Trump Could Win 520 Electoral Votes In MASSIVE Landslide

Tim Pool (21m27s)

Trump Economy Polling HIGHER Than Reagan, But The TV Isn't Telling You The Truth

Tim Pool (11m44s)


REBUTTAL: We Need Borders and Here’s Why

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (3m55s)

FLIP-FLOP: Bernie AGAINST Immigration?!

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (13m52s)


Dating: Don't Waste Your Time

Lauren Chen - PragerU (5m17s)

REVIEW: Taylor Swift's Feminist Documentary Disaster!

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (23m24s)

Jordan Peterson Debunks Intersectionality

Jordan Peterson & Ben Shapiro (3m37s)

Amber Heard BRAGS No One Will Believe Johnny Depp Because She Is A Woman

Tim Pool (15m37s)

Unborn Babies Are Children, Not a Choice

Dennis Prager - PragerU (5m24s)

Anarchy In Mexico: It's Not What You're Expecting!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (12m43s)

Far Left FURIOUS As Feminists Defect To join Conservatives Over Trans Issues

Tim Pool (11m55s)

Women REFUSE To Date Trump Supporters, But Ideology Collapses As Soon As They Can't Get A Date

Tim Pool (12m29s)


The Real Global Warming Villain Is Not Who You Think!

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (14m10s)


END GAME - The Fall of the West?

Felix Rex - Black Pigeon Speaks (14m48s)

Deplorables 2.0: Why Democrats Will LOSE 2020

Felix Rex - Black Pigeon Speaks (21m24s)

Trump DEFEATED in 2020 by #WuFlu Black Swan Event?

Felix Rex - Black Pigeon Speaks (13m48s)

CATASTROPHE is the ONLY CURE for Inequality

Felix Rex - Black Pigeon Speaks (17m11s)

The Public Pension Crisis

Joishua Rauh - PragerU (6m35s)

Candace Owens at BLEXIT Charlotte Closing remarks

Candace Owens (20m11s)

DEBUNKED: Democrats' Student Loan Grift

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (15m15s)

Never Trumpers Go Away!

Steven Crowder - Louder with Crowder (17m21s)


Paul Joseph Watson (13m01s)

Democrat FURIOUS Over Democratic Party Failures QUITS, Explains Why He Did

Tim Pool (31m23s)

How the Enigma of Consciousness Explains LIFE & DEATH

Felix Rex - Black Pigeon Speaks (12m21s)

THE TRUTH ABOUT WEB CAM GIRLS! Tristan Tate Reveals All!

Stefan Molyneux ( @stefan.molyneux ) (66m05s)

Économie & Cryptomonnaies

Who Creates Money?

Felix Rex - Black Pigeon Speaks (11m41s)

The Coming Collapse of Western Civilization: Doug Casey

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (10m48s)

Fighting The IRS And Winning! Sherry Peel Jackson Explains Tax Avoidance

Luke Rudkowski ( @LukeWeAreChange ) (10m20s)

AOC on Milton Keynes while Bitcoin Goes All The Way Up

Jeff Berwick - The DOllar Vigilante (22m36s)

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