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RE: How Zionists dehumanize Arabs to influence US interests

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The most funny aspect of Memri TV is that it generates respect for those it seeks to discredit. Of course we laugh at the ridiculous statements, but it is impossible to fail to note that the people making them have refused to bow down to the Zionazi global order seeking their downfall. It doesn't matter that people get some things wrong, even if it's utterly ludicrous in specifics.

That they continue to resist oppression even though it cost them their lives is proof no one needs to die a slave.


Edit: BTW, my favorite insult is one that Memri did not reveal. During the runup to the first invasion of Iraq in the 90s, Iraq called a meeting of neighboring nations and called for assistance that was broadcast live by C-Span. Being stymied and scorned, the Iraqi representative stood up and cried out 'May Allah curse your mustache!'

While I was mystified at the particular reason for targeting the mustache of the recipient of the insult, I did realize that the cultural differences between Arabs and the West were being exacerbated by the media, not bridged.


Thank you for these comments. Sadly these memes propagate the idea that ethnic groups surrounding Israel are inferior to Jews and that we should not view their deaths and subsequent replacement as a bad thing.
On a lighter note, given that facial hair is part of what makes you a man you can guess that was certainly meant as a rather strong insult on the recipient.

I would hate it if Allah cursed my mustache.

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