Open Secrets: Which US Politicians Receive the Most from the Defense Industry?

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In my previous post, we explored the shady trade in international arms and how politicians act as high priced escorts for the industry brokering deals and receiving 'commissions' in the process. While doing research for this post I decided to do some basic searches to try and find out which members of the US political machine receive the most funding from the 'Defense' industry.

One of the most obvious ways politicians in the US are bribed is through campaign contributions. It’s possible to track and tie a congressional member's or a senator’s voting history directly to their campaign contributions. This can easily be done using resources such as

Here’s a breakdown of ‘Defense’ sector spending on both Demo-craps and Repugnicans.

Defense  Money to Congress   OpenSecrets(2).png

On average, whether Dem or Rep, members of the House receive about $24,000 each from the industry in campaign contributions while Senators fair a little better garnering $36,500 per member. While Republicans enjoy a slight edge members of both major parties are taken care of.

Of special note, from the total of $216,633,034 the lion’s share of contributions are made to Incumbent candidates who receive 90% of all donations totaling $195,437,753.

To keep the flow of bombs, bullets and profits flowing smoothly it seems reasonable, and cost-effective, to have your favorite political pawns lined up to receive their stipend. Incumbents know the deal, they know they're place and they don't need to have the finer points of DC deal making spelled out for them.

Who are the Top 20 Beltway Prostitutes turning Arms Industry Tricks?

Defense  Money to Congress   OpenSecrets(4).png

[John Murtha]

It comes as little surprise that empirical and military intervention cheerleaders John McCain and Hillary Clinton rank high on the list, but it’s perhaps more surprising to some that 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barrack Obama ranks second with over $2 million in contributions from the weapons industry.

Cashing in on the Nobel Peace Prize = Cha'Ching!!!

Well done CIA-Barry, it's no small feat beating out McBane and Killary.

2016 Senators and Presidential Candidates

From all cycles on record, the busiest prostitutes on Capitol Hill may or may not surprise you.

Now let's have a closer look at the 2016 election year and the group of Senators who were campaigning for the 2016 presidential nominations who figure prominently.

The results here are striking and provide some food for thought in regards to how the US empire functions in reality.

Defense  Money to Congress   OpenSecrets(6).png

Feel the Bern!


Who would have thought that “progressive” Senator Bernie Sanders would rank higher than the Mr. Intervention“Maverick” John McCain and Ted “Carpet Bomb” Cruz for the 2016 fiscal year?

This may come as a shock to many of you and I have to say I was also a little surprised to see this. Obviously, there's a spike in 'Defense' related donations during the presidential campaigns but it's still an eye opening statistic.

Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Chris Hedges had some harsh criticism of Sanders during the 2016 campaign here's what he had to say about the Vermont Senator:

“Bernie has also not confronted the military industrial complex at all,” Hedges said. “On a personal level, having spent seven years in the Middle East, I’m just not willing to forgive him for abandoning the Palestinians and giving carte blanche to Israel. He was one of 100 Senators who stood up like AIPAC wind up dolls and approved Israel’s 51-day slaughter last summer of Palestinians in Gaza — the Palestinians who have no army, no navy, artillery, mechanized units, command and control.”

The Sanders campaign resonated strongly with a large number of Americans especially in regards to domestic policy, yet on the issue of US foreign policy Senator Sanders' views differed little from the entire spectrum of candidates in 2016. This fact should not be overlooked as it sheds light on how any candidate who stands against the defense industry will never be permitted to be nominated as a candidate for president by the establishment two party system.

Although a growing number of Americans voters now know that the DNC and Hillary Clinton rigged the primaries against the Sanders campaign, Sanders himself is in denial about this fact. Emails released by Wikileaks prove that there was a conspiracy within the DNC to steal the nomination from Bernie.

In this increasingly perplexing political climate, it's hard to comprehend how Sanders is now towing the Democratic party line about how the Russians interfered in the US elections.

This piece by @caitlinjohnstone, illustrates the Russia, Russia, Russia pivot taken by Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Keeps Promoting the New Cold War, And Yes We Need To Talk About It

As Sanders looks ahead to a 2020 run for president, it's important that Sanders addresses his support for the status quo and business as usual relationship between politicians and the military industrial complex.

I'll end this post here with a quote from Arms Dealer, Riccardo Privitera,
in the doc Shadow World.

The politics is dictated by the whims of the arms industry.

Politicians are nothings more than sales reps my dear friend.

They have as much power as a middle ranking executive in Lockheed Martin.

At the end of the day they do what they’re told.

- Riccardo Privitera




They're all exactly the same mate.
Once you've heard of them they've already been corrupted by one if mot all of the big industries. Oil, Weapons, Pharma, etc.
The US system of politics is perhaps worse that anywhere with the amount of money being thrown around but here in the UK our system is just as bad.
They're all whores for the cash, it's sickening and people are dying in this never ending cycle of war for profit because of a few greedy scumbags.
Nice work V.

This is the first time I've heard of that Murtha guy, buy I'm genuinely astonished that McCain isn't at the top of that list.

And what a hypocrite-douchebag Bernie is. That guy deserved to get scammed by the DNC. LOL!!

Here in Canada, ​there is ex-Prime Minister Brian Mulroney who's name was linked by the press to arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber, but for the Airbus affair.

In 1995, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) accused Mulroney and Frank Moores of accepting kickbacks from Karlheinz Schreiber on the sale of Airbus planes to the government-owned airline during Mulroney's term as Prime Minister of Canada. The allegations were made in a letter sent by the RCMP to the government of Switzerland seeking access to banking records. Schreiber had earlier raised money for Mulroney's successful 1983 bid to win the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party.
Mulroney denied the allegations, and launched a $50 million defamation suit against the Canadian government, alleging that the newly elected Liberal government of Jean Chrétien was engaging in a smear campaign against its predecessor. The government settled out of court in early 1997, and agreed to publicly apologize to Mulroney, as well as paying the former prime minister's $2.1 million legal fees.
Although there is no evidence that Mulroney accepted kickbacks while prime minister, he acknowledged in 2003 that shortly after stepping down in 1993 that he accepted $225,000 over 18 months from Schreiber, in three cash payments of $75,000 each. Mulroney was still a member of the Canadian House of Commons when one of the payments was made. Mulroney claims that this money was paid to him for consulting services he rendered to help promote a fresh pasta business, and to develop international contacts for Schreiber. Mulroney had previously not admitted accepting any commissions from Schreiber during his lawsuit against the Canadian government, and later under oath specifically denied any business dealings with him. Mulroney has not yet provided evidence of any work he performed for that money, and declared it as income to Revenue Canada only years later, when Schreiber had come under criminal investigation in Germany. Schreiber ridiculed their dealings in pasta-macaroni as nothing more than being sent a single flyer, and has stated that the three separate payments were actually $100,000 each in $1000 bills, a total of $300,000.

At the end of 2017, Mr. Mulroney was again mentioned by the media as being friend with another arms dealer, Mr. Wafic Saïd.

Syrian-born Said made headlines as a middleman who helped broker a colossal 1985 arms deal called Al-Yamamah, where British Aerospace sold billions of dollars in military jets and hardware to Saudi Arabia. "I am proud of the role I played in helping to secure the Al-Yamamah program and with it, many tens of thousands of well-paid and highly skilled jobs in the United Kingdom," he said in an email in response to questions from journalists.
Then years ago, he met Mulroney, and in 2004 invited him to sit on the board of Said Holdings Ltd., a company set up in no-tax Bermuda to manage much of the Said family wealth.
Asked why he chose to sit on the board of a company located in a tax haven, Mulroney had his lawyer answer: "The company is operated with the rigour and governance of a public company…. While Said Holdings may not be subject to tax in Bermuda, it regularly pays substantial sums of tax in other jurisdictions where the company invests."
But Said would face a bigger challenge than tax concerns right around the time Mulroney took up his seat on the board. Investigators were looking into the Al-Yamamah arms deal and unearthing evidence of massive corruption.
At one point, it was reported that a Saudi prince was getting paid $50 million every three months in secret commissions. Other media reports said possibly millions of dollars had moved through Swiss accounts, some of which were held by Said.
But as British fraud investigators homed in on the Swiss accounts, Saudi authorities pressured British prime minister Tony Blair to shut down the probe.
Said himself was never the target of any investigation, nor did he face any charges.
"I was not involved in those cases although I did offer to meet the … investigators to assist them in their inquiries," Said wrote in a statement to CBC. "They did not take up my offer. I was never questioned or charged with any wrongdoing in the U.K. or any other jurisdiction then or subsequently."
Mulroney remained on the board of Said Holdings through 2012.

Now (and as some kind of unrelated note), Mulroney's daughter, Caroline has just declared her candidacy for leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. According to Wikipedia, her husband is the grandson of Lewis A. Lapham who was a member of Skull and Bones.

Also, smarmy Ben Mulroney makes me want to vomit.

Haha, I had totally forgotten​ about him. Always thought he could end up going back to live at 24 Sussex Drive, but it seems like his twin, Justin, has beaten​ him to the punch.

wow, good info here, thanx @heroic15397!

Thx! Thought it was complementary to the amazing info you provided yourself.

Here is how learned about the Paradise Papers related info (20 min. vid in French):

Enquête : Paradise Papers, des amis haut placés

(a 5 min. English version on the same topic)

Man named in Paradise Papers linked to Brian Mulroney

Bernie Saunders is just another example of someone playing good cop, yet dancing with the devil at the same time. The proverbial 'nice old man' who when takes the mask off is just another psychopath. This is a good correlation of data for people with a more scientific mind. Some people you can tell people this stuff until the cows come home but presenting the figures like this is a useful way through the hard wiring. Resteemed.

Yeah, I myself supported Bernie but the reality of the US empire is that candidates must support the industry or have no chance of being elected. I was surprised and a little disappointed when I first came across the data. It's just more evidence that the system is completely corrupted and broken.
thanks for the great comments :)

You're welcome, these are very good articles Ive shared to my Facebook. We don't see these stats but it lays it out the reality of the situation we face. In the Uk we have a version of Bernie, a nice old man on the surface, apparently against War, yet when Cameron went into Syria he backed it to the hilt!

Plz follow me

Plz follow me

Just goes to show how completely corrupt the U.S. political system is.

In truth ALL politicians are supposed to be servants to the public. But in truth they are servants to corporate interests. Every. Single. One.

Unless we can somehow get rid of these corporate contributions (ideally there should be NO contributions - a servant serves selflessly) nothing will change in Washington.

All politicians are corrupt - some just have better ethics than others. This is why I advocate Resource Based Economy as proposed by Jacque Fresco. As long as there is money and politics there will be corruption, war and poverty. We need systems designed and engineered for us not talking heads.The-Venus-Project-1020x610.jpg

Agreed, I remember watching a documentary about the Venus project. It's definitely a way of re-organizing society that more people should learn about. :)

Actually politics have the upper hand because we tend to blindly listen everything what they want to convey, actually politicians are servants of people but they are behaving like owners of servant.

Stay Blessed. 🙂

Wow. That fact about Sanders really brings into perspective his questionable foreign policy stances. We definitely need to keep heavy scrutiny on his foreign policy rhetoric, should he decide to run again in 2020. Excellent expose @v4vapid!

Bernie Sanders really does surprise me considering that he at least slightly anti-war and anti-interventionist. McCain, Clinton, Obama all should stand in front of a jury in The Hague.

I don't know about a swamp, I'd say U.S politics is more akin to a festering sewer .. a sewer that's rapidly flooding the states and leaving the whole country smelling of shit! I wonder when people will awaken to the fact that the politics of this world are little more than theater.

It's a shocking testament to this times in which we live that Obama managed to walk away with a fucking peace prize! What a sick joke!!

I became so annoyed with friends crowing over Obama that I decided to list his acheivements and post them everytime they made a comment. They soon shut up! But I guess he gives a great rendition of "My Way" and is brilliant at high fiving, so fuck it eh?

The Obama administration has been at war longer than any other administration in the history of the United States, last year alone the administration dropped over 26,000 peace bombs, Obama signed the NDAA into law - making it legal to assassinate Americans w/o charge or trial, his drone bombing campaigns expanded into seven countries and have killed thousands of innocent men, women and children,

his administration was responsible for ten times more drone bombings than Bush, he dramatically expanded the power of the secretive Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), off the top of my head (so this is approximate) he took the national debt from 6 trillion to 20 trillion – i.e he is not the financial saviour of the world and is simply kicking the can down the road, under Obama corporate profits rose by 116% whilst wages rose by 3.4%, Over 90% of all new jobs are temporary jobs, he has persecuted more whistleblowers and journalists than any other President before him, repealed the propaganda ban - making it legal to spread government propaganda via news outlets,

he personally oversaw a secret kill list, pushed TTP & TTIP (which is a ruse by big business to strangle the world with red tape), Used uranium warheads in Libya, Carpet bombed Libyian cities, despite lecturing to the contrary he has deported more immigrants than every other president in history, his administration included more bankers and wall street executives than any before it, sold 30 billion dollars worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, Covert boots on the ground in Syria (despite promises to the contrary), 20,000 air strikes in his first term, covert drone war in Yemen, invaded Libya without congressional approval, Guantanamo Bay was never closed and approximately 10,000 troops are still operating in Afghanistan.

I focused on Obama as after reading your post and seeing how highhe is placed on the list, it just makes my blood boil to think he's sitting at home with a peace prize! It's beyond Orwellian ... Great work as always my friend @v4vapid

Have to admit I am surprised that Bernie Sanders ranked higher than McCain. But the rest of this information is definitely to be expected. And when military action is even discussed, many stocks of defense contractors go up.

Hey those 65,000 dollar hot dogs aren't going to pay for themselves.


LOL!!! Damn, so true!

Back in 2012 I think, when Congressman Paul was running, I seem to remember him getting by far the most support from active members of the military, and he was all for cutting defense budgets. One of my big regrets is that I never got to vote for him (I didn't start to learn about Austrian economics and the liberty movement until later in 2012).

You know it's funny, while I like Bernie's domestic policy generally speaking I can't support his views on US foreign policy. Similarly, I think Paul's anti-empirical war stance resonated with me but I don't agree with many of his domestic policies. That being said, I'd take Paul any day over Obama, Bush or Trump in a heart beat.


I tell people that both Democrats and Republicans are to blame. They rarely hear a word after that. Glad you provided those stats. Unfortunately it would probably be dismissed as fake news or distorting the facts.

Using the word whim is right on. While I believe corrupt organizations have plans, there activities, especially day to day, are run by instinct. Their plans corrupted and devoid of honor and humanity.

I like Sanders and almost thought his higher office run done. However, who else can I turn to. He is a veteran and his heart leads his speech, but always thought their is someone better out there with just less media hype.

Thanks. Look forward to more. Good find for my first week. Starting to see Steem as a first resources instead of google. Many searches are airport (candy) literature anyway.

Excellent reporting using facts not jingoistic talking points. Giving up on Bernie breaks my heart, but I was always a Green anyways.... Also, that thumbnail, almost choked on my own cynicism bwahahhaa!!!!!!! The only way we can survive this corruption is by being funnier than them ;)

I like the break-down on the pimps to the merchants of death. The U.S. is definitely the leader in the global arms trade, but they aren't the only ones. This video I made focuses on the global arms trade and BAE systems, narrated by Andrew Feinstein who wrote the book "The Shadow World Inside The Global Arms Trade." War is a racket and big business. Everything in this industry is funneled through government officials, regardless of the country. After all, they (governments) have the monopoly on the use of force; and they use it!

Shocking stuff!

Politicians and the way they run government and all the deciet, the US government had spent a ton of dollars with all these stats all in what?
Saunders may have it all tricky going for him.
For what it may turn out to be, he's got to take precautions

Sad how many politicians are sold for so little money. 20 grand shouldn't change politicians mind on important American issues.

I will defend bernie til the day I die though. I am doubtful, given both his age and humility, that he would sell himself to the MIC. Regardless of what the numbers say

Yes Bernie is pure humble pie...

Peaceful greetings to all of us ...
Today I am not giving any comment on your post ....
Actually this is not worth saying here, but what can be made this I am forced to say to you sir @v4vapid ....
I really hope your help from the posts I have written so far ....
I'm so embarrassed with my post because nobody sucks her and it's so sad when we look, I'm so sad about all this ... but keep trying ...
Once again master @v4vapid , I am very pleading for your help, although this is very embarrassing for me ....
Hopefully you can and never forget to help me with your compassion with all humility.

I focused on Obama as after reading your post and seeing how high is placed on the list, it just makes my blood boil to think he's sitting at home with a peace prize! It's beyond Orwellian ... Great work as always my friend @v4vapid

informative news... upvoted and resteemit done dear...

nice post @v4vapid . i like your Open Secrets: Which US Politicians Receive the Most from the Defense Industry post. thanks for share the post.

Very interesting posts.

i've a doubt about a Riccardo Privitera quotes one line..."At the end of the day they do what they’re told"- did they actually do that always?

The industry does not micro-manage every decision a politician makes, this statement simply refers to how politicians who receive donations from the industry know how they're expected to vote on issues such as: defense budget increases, interventionist foreign policy, etc.

so, we can say without Industries politicians are helpless... btw thanks for your reply sir/mam. 👍

This is a shocker, who could have known this if not for you, like to get more of this, nice work

It is just like what I'd been insisting to my friends. They look the government as a tool of peace and unity but that is the major failure of most of us. Substance over form!!! I just want to emphasize that statement. That hoarding of funds and spending to different IDK projects by the government is so unfair. Yes, we benefit but just a little. They still continue enriching themselves even they have more than anyone else. They pretend like the good leader, falsifying us with those projects and words that are not true. The government should be the one to help people to get enriched, not the people will enriched the government.
@v4vapid I adore your article here, I am still student but I can see how the government oppositely works.

woi really cool, I hope you can vote me and I invite you to come to me to vote have me!! Awesome upvote?

Nice to see these facts, and damn right. Seeing how special interests and lobbies have perverted something that should give power to the people... disgusting.

Resteemed for visibility, we need more people like you to shine a light on these inner dealings

This is why I supported Trump very hard in the 2016 Election. I am not saying he is perfect but at least having his own money (about $5 Billion worth) its much harder to buy him off with just a few $100 million.

Best cover photo of the year thus far.

Great post buddy.

Bernie was the Pied Piper.... when everyone was getting Bernie fever I decided to go digging on the internet - and here is what I found after literally one minute, and within the five minutes I could see to the depths of Bernie Sanders true character.

Nice information about politics

Wow. You chose the purrrrfect images for this post... They almost tell the story on their own, it's left me shuddering...

the information is very good
i like to [email protected]

Great Information sir ........................ @upvoted ............... :):)

All they have to do is promise to steal from the taxpayers and move it around here and there and the supporters will apologize for the wars.

🎥 Ellen's Tribute to the Obamas - YouTube
Presidents be like this ...


Bloody awful indeed...

This is thug life..

As I have always said, no policy is clean, it is always dirty, no matter how perfect the government is and by any ideology they always tend to be the same. They always make money from any form of any government entity as a best example. I can leave it with my country Venezuela to what we live every day the people that both the government and the opposition earn money under the table and that is why my country does not move forward.

I send you a big hug I hope we can continue reading

Nice post.All politicians are corrupt, greedy
and they are just forgotten when they have a little more money.
Stay Blessed.
04.Nice post waiting to get more post with more information .............jpg

I'm sorry to learn abt Bernie Sanders. Explains some of why he avoids certain crucial subjects. Thanks for exposing more about the MIC influence and where we should focus to make sense of the dismal corruption we're facing!

exelente publicacion realmente la disfruto felicidades @v4vapid

i hate politician.beacuse They are Just Think About Themself They are Not doing work For Nation ..they always Trying To Full Their Pockets with Money all system is Mafia..all Are Corrupt..

Intelligent ideas

Personally, I am not at all surprised by who the money grubbers are. What really makes me mad is they won’t go away no matter how much money they have.

Really helpfull & Usefull informative News for Evry steemars thankyou @v4vapid for shareing

UPVOTED & Followed ✌✌✌

The entire world is run by criminals it seems.

Thanks for the post

Thanks for the info. You are funny with that cash meme lol

And I always thought Bernie Sanders was honest :)

Great research skills. I am surprised that Sanders was so favored by the MIC. I guess it was all in the background noise.



You might want to carefully read this article so you can understand why it is obvious to everyone that everything you are doing on steemit is a complete lie:

Also, nice job not writing anything and only resteeming for weeks. You might want to examine my blog in more detail if you are interested in learning what it is like to actually contribute to steemit rather than using your pile to spread utter crap.

Power attracts the corruptible. Suspect any who seek it

Politicians are bought and paid for; party doesn't matter. There's a reason the US Government remains an engine of oil-seeking regime-destabilizing hypocrisy-spouting chaos in the world today, all while telling everybody else "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!"

Or maybe it's really "Stop resisting." 🤔

Hey @v4vapid. I was hoping to have a quick word with you about something if you wouldn't mind and was wondering if it was cool to get in touch with you on either discord or chat?

Cheers mate.

yeah, just hit me up on discord!

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