International Arms Dealer: Politicians are Expensive Prostitutes

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The thing about politicians is that they’re very much like prostitutes, but only more expensive.

- Riccardo Privitera


Have truer words ever been spoken?

The words roll off the salty tongue of international arms dealer,
Riccardo Privitera, in the excellent documentary Shadow World.

The concept is by no means novel, we all know that politicians are
bribed, handed lavish gifts, wined, dined, and payed-off in a myriad
of ways. They might call them 'contributions' or 'donations' but the
result is the same.

Politicians are purchased.

The Shadow World

Riccardo P2.jpg

I’ve got nothing against money, I don’t mind paying brides to politicians, it’s part of the deal.

- Riccardo Privitera

If anything is clear from the documentary Shadow World,
it’s that the global arms trade is likely the shadiest, most corrupted,
and nefarious trade in the history of the world.

The film details how arms dealers and weapons manufacturing companies
taking part in these massive arms deals sell weapons to state governments,
who most often don’t need the armaments they’re being sold in the first
place, by bribing a select number of key government officials.
In return, these officials allocate public funds to pay for the enormous
arms deals and receive ‘commissions’ from their business partners.

In a nutshell, the most successful defense contractor executives are those
who offer the most comprehensive bribery packages to heads of state
and those in key governmental positions.

RIccardo P3.jpg

The politics is dictated by the whims of the arms industry.

Politicians are nothings more than sales reps my dear friend.

They have as much power as a middle ranking executive in Lockheed Martin.

At the end of the day they do what they’re told.

- Riccardo Privitera

Tracking Corruption

The documentary is based on the book of the same title written by
South African Andrew Feinstein (no relation to Diane Feinstein).
Mr. Feinstein, a former ANC member of parliament who now heads
the UK based organization Corruption Watch, has been researching
the global arms trade for close to two decades. His work monitors
the multi-billion dollar industry between governments and corporate
entities while also seeking out information pertaining to the
international trade of illicit weapons.

A great accompaniment to the documentary is this recent lecture given
at the University of British Columbia’s Peter Wall Institute for Advanced
Studies by Feinstein.

The Shadow World of the Global Arms Trade

Here are some key points made by Andrew in his lecture:

  • In my 17 years of studying this phenomenon, I’ve yet to come across an arms deal that did not comprise of some form of illegality.

  • Same players who conduct ‘legal’ arms deals are the same individuals involved in illicit arms deals

  • Black market arms trade operates in a parallel legal universe where there are rarely any legal repercussions

  • UN arms embargoes are regularly violated. In a study of 502 violations of embargoes, just 2 cases lead to any form of legal accountability.

  • Crucial to an understanding of the arms trade is the collusion of: governments, publicly listed corporations, military, intelligence services, foreign affairs, arms dealers (intermediaries/ brokers/ agents). Every action takes place behind a national security imposed veil of secrecy.

  • As a result of collusion, arms trade accounts for 40% of all corruption in world trade.

  • In every given year there are 5-6 major weapons deals in the world each worth over 10 billion.

  • Most corrupt commercial transaction in history Al-Yamamah deal between the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia in which there was 6 billion GBP of ‘unauthorized commissions’ (bribes) were observed through a network of offshore accounts.

  • The $6 Billion pound deal also included a 178 million GBR slush-fund for yachts, drugs, alcohol and women were bought for the use of senior members of the Saudi government.

  • The investigation was shut down by Tony Blair on the grounds of National Security.

  • Every year, 84% of retiring generals at the Pentagon go into senior executive positions in the defense companies for whom they given contracts for their military careers. Earning salaries that dwarf their salaries of their entire military carriers. So, while they’re in those careers it’s very important to keep those contracts sweet.

  • The F35 project will cost the US taxpayer 1.5 trillion USD and is of no value to the US in any conflict it is currently engaged in or likely engaged in in generations to come.

  • The size of this bribes ensure that war is always the preferred option to diplomacy in resolving disputes and conflicts.

  • NATO countries and Russia supplied Libya with 10s of billions of dollars in weaponry post-intervention.

Sales Rep in Chief

For the most part, the film and lecture illustrate how the heads of state
act as the “Sales Rep in Chief” seeking out new deals for their industry masters.

War-monger and BAE sales rep Tony Blair was instrumental not only
as a broker of several enormous arms deals, but also played a crucial
role in shutting down a plethora of investigations into the corrupt practices
of the UK flagship manufacturing giant.

Although not covered in detail in the film, the lecture touches
upon the bombing of Libya and the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi.

Just a couple of years prior to the NATO “love bombs” intervention,
Libya had appeared to achieve a remarkable rapprochement with Western
powers. Gaddafi even enlisted the help of Tony Blair to help negotiate a US
victim's lawsuit brought against Gaddafi in relation to terrorist attacks.
Tony Blair made numerous trips to Libya after leaving office in 2007,
where many believe he facilitated a number of deals enriching himself in
the process.

The former prime minister is thought to have visited Libya at least six times after leaving Downing St in 2007 as he tried to build up his business and philanthropic interests. Mr Blair has since built up a fortune estimated at £60 million, based on a consultancy business that includes advising foreign governments.
Mr Blair is understood to have attempted to put together a number of deals during his trips to Libya.


Indeed, the weapons industry is always on the lookout for new markets
in which to sell their wares.

Libya had spent hundreds of millions, and possibly billions,
worth of armsvfrom the UK's BAE systems, American and Russian
weapons dealers. Among the weapons purchased by Gaddafi were
anti-aircraft missile defense system.

An inquiry into the matter provided some evidence that Blair was intimately
connected to the 400 million pound prisoner exchange and arms deal.

Tony Blair has strongly refuted allegations that he did a deal with Muammar Gaddafi to release the Lockerbie bomber from prison in exchange for Libya signing a £400m air defence deal with a British manufacturer.

Secret documents released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that Britain's then-ambassador in Tripoli, Sir Vincent Fean, sent an email to Blair declaring the prisoner transfer agreement would be signed as soon as Libya went through with the arms deal.

International Business Times

According to Andrew Feinstein, the first thing the NATO allies did
when they intervened in the North African country was to take out
the air defense systems, the very armaments that had been sold to
Libya in the years preceding the 2011 bombings.

The vast stockpiles of lightly guarded arms depots and warehouses across
Libya were looted and emptied by rebel militias, groups affiliated with
Al-Queda, and ordinary citizens. Respected journalist Sy Hersh, discovered
that much of the weaponry looted from Libya's stockpiles were routed via
rat-lines through Qatar, Jordan and Turkey and ultimately ending up in the
hands of US backed Syrian 'rebel' forces.

Sy Hersh Explodes Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Narrative - Part 2

Perpetual War, Perpetual Profits

Riccardo P4.jpg

What now? Who’s the enemy?

How do we justify all this tanks, all this planes, all this bullshit?

What better new enemy than an hypothetical invisible enemy called the War on Terror.

- Riccardo Privitera

Conflict sustains the global arms trade.

Peace, cooperation and diplomacy are not profitable for the industry
therefore from a myopic corporate view point a military answer to conflict
is the only acceptable option. There’s just too much money to be made.

What better way to maximize profits than to arm both sides in a conflict?

In WWII, companies such as Standard Oil, IBM, Coca-Cola and Ford
famously profited by supplying both the allies and the Nazis.

This practice continues to this day.

Here are just two examples:

Final Thoughts

"If you liked Iraq, you'll love Iran"

- Tony Zinn (former Central Command Commander)

As I write this, I can't help but think that the longest War in
US history still drones on in the background out of the spotlight.
The US has been conducting military operations in Afghanistan
for 17 years. Some people reading this may not have been
born yet. The invasion and occupation of Iraq began in 2003
and will turn 15 years old next month.

George Bush's pronouncement of "Mission Accomplished" a top
an aircraft carrier once sounded absurd to me but upon reflection
perhaps he was not referring to the major military operations ending.
Instead, maybe he was signalling the beginning of Perpetual War
in the region.

The Saudi bombing of Yemen continues with American made
fighter jets, bombs and technical support. No one is happier
than the defense contractors and probably just as happy that
the media has almost completely ignored the developing
humanitarian crisis in the country.

US warmongers are still desperately trying to find their way into
the conflict in Syria as their proxy armies have suffered a proverbial
bitch slap by Russian forces. Just the other day, the narrative that the
Syrian government is gassing its own people has resurfaced. It would
seem that the perpetual propaganda moves in lock-step.

Iran has long been the jewel in the eyes of US hegemony in the region.
Another long protracted war with Iran would insure windfall profits for
the arms industry, without a doubt. Experts estimate that a war with Iran
could last a least 14 years and after that time the region would remain
marred in conflict, bearing little difference to today, a continuation of
war and war profiting with no end in sight.

Once you start a war, you open up a kind of Pandora’s Box.

You don’t control it, it controls you.

- Chris Hedges

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It is so important to expose and understand this topic - I was explaining this very thing to people here earlier today... Lockheed Martin and others are sucking up VAST amounts of the planet's wealth ... and for what? It largely goes into secret technology that could be used to totally clean up the planet but simply isn't..
upvoted and resteemed.

There is no big money in cleaning up the planet and no one gets filthy rich from such good deeds. It is all about money and power. Politics is not about the people, its about how much can I make while I am in office and how much connection I can make so that when I leave I can earn even more millions. Totally agree with you.

Great job bringing this subject up mate.
Just seeing Tony Blair makes my blood boil.
That man is a corrupt, narcissistic, disgusting greedy hypocrite! He and his equally criminal wife are a stain on Britain.
All they ever did was sell us down the river while cow-towing to the Bush neocons and lining their pockets with blood money.
Even now he travels the world 'whoreing' himself out to anyone who hand him money.
What an utter dirtbag, I can't wait to see that grinning smile wiped off his face when he gets thrown in jail for his litany of crimes.

Why does not one word you have written here surprise me? Only a World run by psychopaths would seek to cash in on death, murder, and destruction. Yet to so many this is 'normal' or 'the way its always been' I tell you what the solution to all this is? These bastards maybe buying the weapons but its the empty headed 'order followers' firing them, no order following no wars! These are the people we need to try and get through to, but having tried quite a bit down the years theyre not willing to give up their 'hero' status so easily!

That day is coming my friend. Just keep on course! The first step is awareness, we have to see the system for what it truly is...the second step is a world wide awakening through knowledge and self evaluation, i.e. breaking down the illusions of what it real vs. what is artificial. That includes what we "believe" in: government, god, money. You must dive under the ocean to see the entire iceberg, no one will understand cause and effect by just going about your daily routine: work, school, dropping the kids off at dance lessons, watching MSM... whatever. Empowerment comes through self knowledge, change comes through empowered selves linking together, like this blockchain.
I've begun a series of posts to help people realize the effects of our brainwashing and how deep it goes. We need to begin formulating solutions and sharing them freely. Ideas can go from a spark to an inferno...

Have you ever seen Mark Passio's presentation "The Cult of Ultimate Evil"? It's right about everything you just said

Ive seen loads of Passio's stuff but not sure Ive seen that one tbh, Il look out for it.

The government put so many laws and regulations that they cannot avoid breaking their own laws!

It is ironic that people who push for more and more regulations in every aspect of our lives are the first in breaking them, these people are and have always been shameless.

For example, in my country Venezuela, there is not only a law that forbids the people from buying guns, we also have another law that forbids the people from freely exchanging local currency for any external currency. Of course, as you can imagine, they are the first one having access and using foreign currencies like the dollar.

Every time the government forbids something, it is simply because they want to be the only ones doing it.

Is always nice to see your post! 😍

I wonder if he knew follow arms dealer Stephen Paddock.

lol, who knows but these arms dealers are definitely invaluable to the political class and weapons manufacturers. The documentary also states that many of these arms dealers/agents/brokers are, in fact, intelligence operatives often with connections to multiple clients who are sometimes on opposite sides of a particular conflict.

That's how a small group of elite can maintain control of the population by controlling both sides of a conflict.

I agree with you @v4vapid

You knocked it out of the park again with facts and reasoning. It's so plain to see the truth! I can't understand how the public willingly goes along with caught up with each new boogeyman, programmed since birth with patriotism I guess.

I've been looking for this infographic my whole life:

Resteemed, shared also on twitter and fb. Praying for folks to see war for what it is, a giant money making machine for the so-called 'elite'. Thank you for your contributions to creating Awareness, ... I hope one day it can lead to Peace.

Yes, this infographic cuts straight to the heart of the matter. It's wash, rinse, repeat and defense industry contractors, like Halliburton, make money at all stages of this cycle. It's disgusting.

They have as much power as a middle ranking executive in Lockheed Martin.

Politicians are pathetic.

I concur. These statements made by Riccardo are plain as day. The majority of politicians are for sale to the highest bidder.

Great lecture by Andrew. If there was ANY justice or reason for taking tax money from the people, it should be spent on homeless, those that cant afford bills/meds etc. in the country before anything else.
We are made to accept what we are told, more every day and more every generation, there needs to be a radical change.
Thanks for sharing.

Here in Honduras the same thing happens, weapons, logistical support, and transport vehicles are all the time being purchased for the armed forces mostly with funds provided by the US, I wonder why, we aren't going to any war and if we did it wouldn't last more than a day before the US stopped it. Just to showcase this here is a vessel bought for $13.5 million, supposedly to carry food and supplies to people who live in far away places, unfortunately I have seen that the naval force never has fuel for these operations so this vessel is actually useless.

Will definitely check out the documentary. I think it is also worth noticing that corruption is more prominent in the First World than in the Third World. I have recently come across this, very interesting data, IMO:

Wow this is a great link, thanks so much @earworm!
I agree that there's a lot more corruption in the first world than meets the eye, they've just become experts in covering their tracks through off-shore bank accounts.

War makes easy heros and antiheroes too. Good for the media and for endorsing public image of politicians like Obama (involved in recent middle east wars). The funny thing is OBAMA has a PEACE's NOBEL.
How is that even legal?

Exactly, the warmongering Nobel Peace Prize

I think there's a certain someone running around with a Nobel prize in economics who advocated for a housing bubble in the early 2000s and claimed that the invention of the internet would have less impact than that of the fax machine..... haha. I actually met him once at Princeton on campus. He looked me right in the eyes... and didn't hold the door open for me.

You nailed it. Great piece here.

"All wars are banker's wars."

You are right, the war machine is in full force. I believe the US defense budget is $1T...and I am certain after the cut in service personnel, very little of that is for salaries for those in uniform.

Our politicians waver between clueless to outright corrupt. Guys like John McCain are not heroes, they are dangerous. Sure I respect what he did in SE Asia and what he endured 40 years ago. However, since coming home he has been a major part of the war mongering machine.

It is sad we have to be slapped in the face by this truth but that is what is required. Of course we read it on Steemit here yet will not see this on the mainstream news. Even if this guy did get an interview, a drone like Sean Hannity would defend the spending in the "fight against terror".

It should be obvious to everyone whenever a politician mentions terrorism, there go some more of the citizens rights. Sadly, it is nothing more than a ruse to enrich themselves and their friends. As you said, is there any reason why Adgan is on 17 years and Irap 15? Of course there is...profits.

Corporations run the world, not governments. They are just cronies who are bought and paid for. Naturally, the government has the power of force, so they are perfect arms for the elitists.

Insane the amount of influence such entreprises have on world politics. I've always thought that firearms are one of the worse things to ever happen to humanity. It trivializes death and killing, making it as simple as clicking a button.

I see a difficult way ahead in terms of freeing the world of the ouroboros that is constant military dick-measuring and preparation for wars that should never come. The state of politics and the degree to which governments around the world have been corrupted are hard to even measure.

But we will try.

Great post my friend,

It's sobering how the U.S (and associated western governments) always seem to arm those whom they intend to attack. If you have zero empathy and psychopathic traits it makes perfect business sense. Certainly in terms of morality these guys hit rock bottom many years ago .. and yet they continue to dig!! Didn't the U.S supply Hussain with the chemical used in the attrocities that justified the first invasion? Indeed who can forget Donald Rumsfeld and the golden spurs debacle.

The bribary aspect reminds me of John Perkins "confession of an economic hitman" book, where they exchange short term money for the countries resources. I guess in broad terms the economic hitman greases the skids for the arms sales and so in effect they end up buying the arms with money borrowed from a system that at it's upper echelons is so connected they're one and the same .. i.e banking/arms.

Those countries that don't borrow the money and arms may keep their resources (oil/minerals); but the victory is fleeting and eventually an excuse will be found to invade them and then money is made from the war and associated rebuild! What a tangled web they weave :( Great work as always @v4vapid

where can i find the doc? On YT?

I think so, there's also a link to their website in the post

ok thx!

The Great Depression was the beginning of the end of the United States of America. Our government is no longer of the people, for people, or by people .

I have skimmed it.. I will be back for an in depth read but it's another great truther ! so much of our resources are diverted to death machines.. one day all government procurement will be blockchain based and this will begin to change the world in ways we can't imagine. just don't think they'll take it lying down or just lying... blockchain will meet the firmest resistance from the deathmongers and their cohorts. however, I think the power of the people will eventually be embodied so deeply within publicly available open ledger systems that they won't be able to get away with shennanigans in the way they do now. and that's just 1 bunch of rotters. rounds 3, 4 and 5 will be fierce

yup, the arms industry is almost as dirty as the drug industry.

The irony of this story is,the government is the one that puts up all these laws and regulations,and they are the same people who break them.

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit..

There's no way you read my post in less than 30 seconds.

Busted :-)
Im not going to pretend I read every single word but I skimmed through it and I always suspected it was as corrupt as it is. If us humans cant be trusted to "govern" ourselves how in the hell are appointed other humans meant to be trusted to "govern" us......
"Theres no government like no government." Unknown author.

shit comment no wonder you've got a rep of 12 ( I had the same comment on a post of mine)

Great content 👍 keep it up ♨️

Mereka pelacur intelektual. Dan mereka masih menganggap dirinya hebat mewakili rakyat

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Although Politics and weapons sometimes become a unity, but peaceful life is more beautiful. Very inspiring

This wars with Iran, Iraq and and Afghanistan has become so unending, it's as if it's become a normally for the US army

I really like your post thanks for sharing the things I can learn from you

Great article about the military industrial complex and it's constant hunger for war.

Wow, Eye opening! Thanks for this post

Are there any more videos or blogs on this topic?

And lets spread this message.

woi really cool, I hope you can vote me and I invite you to come to me to vote have me!! Awesome upvote?

*I've got nothing against money, I don’t mind paying brides to politicians, it’s part of the deal.

  • Riccardo Privitera*

I'm sure he meant bribes😂 Though harems need filling too. Why the world decided to dip it's toes in a civil war in Syria is beyond me... Or wait, it started because ISIS sided with the Syrian opposition party to dethrone Assad and as far as orphans of war but jobbers left in the wake of 10 years of devastation, fucked up kids who kill in the name of like Rage did in the 90's. Punks destroying ancient cities and trashing museums. I wouldn't be surprised if the average Isis fighter was 22. Guns sell themselves, they are great in offensive and defensive situations, so no matter who is right, the one with the money buys the bigger guns.

I'm waiting for your post. I agree with you.

war is a business. and the victims are everybody in that sucking game

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Your post very very important and amazing and pawaarfull and useful for all

Wow! @v4vapid, You see why the idea of World peace is delusional and elusive? This concept of continuous war got me thinking. Those pushing for it stay in Mansions and collect bribes while out young men and women die every day on the battlefield. Thanks for sharing.

good and useful information

Upvoted ,follow and resteem .

Prince Charles, weapons salesman to the Arabs.

It has been my experience in life, that far as governments, wars, and corporations, are concerned, nothing is as it seems. The war on terror, and the war of drugs, work hand in hand. They claim to be fighting terror but in truth they protect the opium fields. The war on drugs is merely a way to raise the price for the black budget fund raising operations of many a gov agency. One must just look at how many presidential pardons are those of the caught trafficker. Politicians give lip service in public and open their pockets in dark alleys. Need2know allows for every manner of unsavory behavior, sealed from the public view. The psychopaths who rule over us, seem ecstatic to arm and encourage the mass killing in the third world, but are rightly scared of a armed citizenry closer to home. Divide and conquer, collect then blackmail, tax and enslave, problem reaction solution, the same old story time and time again.

Our only hope, is to free our minds. Never again to believe their lies.

Arm deal generate more money than any other illegal practice. In the rule of law government and the politician are excepted. Since they are the one who revised it and amend it. They know how to play it holes.

Resteemed mate, I thoroughly enjoyed your article exposing the hypocrisy and double-dealing of the world governments. It's just like the 'Report from Iron Mountain' said... perpetual war=perpetual debt is a system of societal control that governments impose on us through fear and terror. It's %100 artificially manufactured and the time has come to end the charades.

I wonder if he knew follow arms dealer Stephen Paddock...