Russell Brand Exposed: A 'Pied Piper' to Misdirect the Semi Awakened - His Fabian Society Connections & Involvement in Mind Control

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For many, Russell Brand is a kind of folk hero / millionaire playboy - yet the truth is very different. Let's take a look at the patterns in his life and what exactly his intended role in society has been.


"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself" - Lenin

Through his online vehicle 'The Trews' on Youtube and via various books and stage performances, he has captured the minds of many people who are looking for help and some kind of high profile leader among the 'celebrities' of their culture. The vast majority of so called 'celebrities' have absolutely no care or respect for the majority of other people and simply seek to get as rich as possible, as quickly as possible to get them as far away as possible from everyone else. They do this though, from behind a mask of being a 'man/woman of the people' to some extent, since they gain their power from these people and if the people learn their real intent then they will be unlikely to continue to hold an elevated position in society.

The Reason I focus on Russell Brand and not some of the others like him is because his case is so blatantly full of evidence that he is what is known as 'controlled opposition'. If you wish to control the people of Earth you must get their agreement first! How can you get people to agree to let you control them? The answer to that has been the subject of covert research among secret societies for 1000s of years and they have a pretty good idea by now. One tried and tested method is to control both sides of a two sided 'democracy' that you yourself created. The result is that as long as the majority of people fall for your scam and believe that democracy is an honest voting system, they will literally agree to be ruled by the puppets you have installed in the parliament. The two main political parties will be seen to 'battle' each other in public, but in reality they will only be acting out a script that was predetermined, often years in advance.

In Russell's case, he has been held up as an opponent to 'the establishment' itself - he therefore grabs the attention of those who have seen through many layers of the fake democracy and power systems and they may then hold him up as a kind of 'leader'. All the system controllers need to do is ensure he himself is controlled and they can use all manner of manipulation to bend the people to their agenda, while the people think they are being led to freedom.


There is, in truth, so much evidence that Russell is at best a 'false prophet' or 'controlled opposition' that I will not even included it all here - I will just look at some of the most obvious bits.

The majority of his 'work' in recent years in the media world has had a general theme to it that is not even being hidden. His book about the 'pied piper' who is a children's fairy tale character who basically steals children and makes them disappear features a character that is fairly obviously and eerily designed to look like a kind of drugged up Russell Brand:

pied piper

He also played the role of the 'Child Catcher' during the Olympics a few years ago:


As is pointed out by John St. Julien in the video below, the symbolism used in the Olympics ceremony was clear - the colours of the 'hippy bus' and russell's outfit were copied, but reversed, from the Child Catcher in the classic movie 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'. The Child Catcher in that movie literally cages children from the streets - yet in this Olympics ritual, the people in his 'hippy bus' are adults - so the entire image is literally that of him acting as a kind of 'hippy catcher' - could they make it any more obvious?!


Russell and the Fabian Society

The Fabian Society are a kind of Secret Society in Britain who founded the Labour party - one of the two main political parties in Britain. Their logo and modus operandi are that of 'wolves in sheeps clothing' - which is to say that they operate by deception to create change.

fabian society

Russell is apparently a member of the Fabian Society and previously was editor of one of their magazines - the New Statesman:

russell statesman

During the previous British election he put a lot of effort into convincing people not to vote - just as an awakened being might do - then just at the last moment, he switched to decree to his followers that they should now vote for labour instead! lol


He previously dated Socialite Jemima Khan who 'owned' the white dog that is in the logo for his 'Trews' series on Youtube. The Dog in his logo has a '33' around it's neck, which most likely denotes the 33 degrees in Freemasonry and the 33 vertebra of the human spine - which is significant when it is understood that the esoteric kundalini energy channel is passed through the spine in order to activate the ajna chakra - as taught in many yoga systems - of which Russell is an admitted student. There is nothing 'bad' about kundalini or yoga, but I mention this because it is clear that Russell is misleading us once again here as he released a video answering the question of why the number 33 is being used and he abstractly claimed that it is because Jesus died at 33 - as if that is a good reason to put a number in your logo! He also has a tattoo on his hand denoting the flow of kundalini energy:

kundalini finger

John St. Julien's Videos

John St. Julien is the one who first drew my attention to all of this and he deserves our wider attention - beyond his work on this, he is running a children's home in Tanzania, plus an animal rescue center and is one of the few human beings that could possibly be held up today as something approaching a true 'avatar' or 'saint' (if you are religious)! Check out one of his videos here:

Katy Perry and the Oscars

Additionally, Russell was married for a while to Katy Perry, a singer. For those who pay attention, Katy Perry is one of the most obvious examples of a Monarch Mind controlled slave. You will see many symbols in her music videos from the secret societies that operate these trauma based mind control systems in society - such as the Templar cross and others. In fact, here she is making it obvious:

katy perry

There are numerous examples of her coming out of her mind control programming and starting to freak out - she recently stated that she basically hates 'katy perry' and wants to go back to her real self.

During an appearance at 'The Oscars' ceremony a few years ago, Russell And Katy were interviewed and Katy made some comments that Russell apparently didn't like - he flashed up a small sign that had a pentagram on it and the word 'OBEY' - which she saw momentarily and then her personality totally shifted and she became docile. Those who know about trauma based mind control know that it is through such visual and auditory triggers that mind control programming can be remotely activated. He would not have been able to use any codewords via his voice there due to the situation, so he used the next best thing:



I feel justified in stating that it is highly likely that Russell Brand is knowingly part of one of the most evil and satanic cults on Earth at this timing. He may himself have been through trauma based mind control and thus may not even be fully aware of his involvement in all of this. The nature of such mind control is that the personality is fractured into sub personalities who are unaware of each other - so the victim can appear to be completely 'normal' in one moment and then totally switch to a different personality entirely in the next moment. This is well documented by several researchers, including Fritz Springmeier and Dr. John Hall.

Got Comments?

What do you think of all of this? Do you have any relevant evidence to add? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Russell Brand I thought was a breath of fresh air when I first heard him.
Then, with more exposure, his message started to become like nails on a chalkboard.

Basically, it was like he was trying to pretend to be an anarchist or an environmentalist but since he wasn't, he constantly said things wrong. Things he shouldn't have gotten wrong if he was what he said he was. Like this:

truth, truth, truth, LIE, truth

Not the little mistakes of someone who doesn't quite understand the philosophy, but someone who either was just repeating pieces from others, or someone who knew, and was specifically destroying the logic.

One way he is just being an actor, the other way a disinformation sales agent.
One is bad, the other is pure evil. I am undecided which.

Yes, I agree. The nature of trauma based mind control is that the victim becomes the perpetrator and may not even know they are doing it. If you look at his eyes during some of his more symbolic performances, they are wild and glaring - not at all balanced.. I remain open as to exactly what the cause of all of this is. I followed you btw :)

This is a very good comment @Ura-Soul. My primary comment is near the bottom currently and I just want to Thank You again for writing this Post.

BIG Kudos to You & @AusbitBank for ReSteeming !!

The Obey pin might just be a fashion accessory. Also, that's not a pentagram, that's a star. You should know the difference.

What all of this "evidence" lacks is the actual evidence. Where're the sources? How do you know there is this underground evil society? In my opinion, all of this is just conspiracy theories and I see no credibility to back up your findings.

I'm a libertarian and I am (just like you) fed up with the current state of the governments around the globe.

I am also Russian and I am fed up with Putin and Medvedev stealing my nation's money. This is a proven fact, which was proposed by Russia's opposition leader Navalny. Watch some of his videos to learn how real evidence is gathered and how you can move away from the pointless conspiracies that you write.

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Greetings! Have you studied Monarch Mind Control Programming? MKUltra? Have you Listened to Dr. Hall?
If you watch the video of the oscars ceremony, you will see why I am highlighting the case here. Ironically, it is probably you who is lacking the background research here.

Have you studied sacred geometry? I have.

The symbol held up is a match for the pentagrams you will see in an image search for the word 'pentagram' - except the inner lines are removed due to it being a BRAND for a clothing company. As a trigger however, it would be an entirely appropriate visual one to use in public since it would not raise much suspicion amongst those who have not done their research.

What sources do you want? The amount of data collected and publicly available on this topic is vast and easily obtained now.

Here's a recent post in which a British Ranking Police Detective discusses how the Freemasonic Society was likely involved in him being blocked from prosecuting gangs of child rapists

Here's a post that scrapes the surface of the subject that links to 9 mainstream media stories that show links between UK Police Coverups of Child Rape gangs and Freemasons

Here is Fritz Springmeiers's book on the process used to create mind controlled slaves via trauma based mind control

Why would Russell hold the trigger while taking a photograph? Wouldn't it be more logical to hide it from the eyes of the public to keep the secret?

good questions! i don't know the answer, but an equally good question is 'what other reason is there to hold such a sigil/symbol out at such an event at all'?
Is it usual for 'celebrities' to hold up such things at the Oscars? I don't know, but i don't think so.
If it is a genuine trigger, then maybe he himself is also acting out a program and not exactly 'firing on all cylinders'.

Celebrities do lots of pointless garbage. Maybe he just wanted to make a statement about his current view of the US government, which is nowadays mostly an authoritarian circle jerk?

Upvoted. Found you in truth chat. One love. Check out some of my stuff if you have time. Follwed.

Thanks! I followed back :)

Great article - even here on Steemit there are certain topics that are being censored, and this directly relates to one of them! (I'll avoid being too specific and hopefully not get flagged)

That's deep!

I love Russell Brand, he can do no wrong.

In my opinion I've always seen him just as an annoying celebrity.

I think the points and media here make clear there is more to this than just annoying celebrity status. However, it may be that you need to do more background research to really see the patterns involved.

Oh no I totally see what you were getting at, and I agree :) but I never really took too much time to look into him as I never found him amusing.

I see, ok - yes. It's a bit more difficult to avoid him in Britain. Interestingly, he grew up near me and 'was' at one time pretty similar to me and my friends. When he started doing his 'trews' series I was kind of happy, because he was sharing some important truths.. even if he was actually almost repeating what i had been saying verbatim online for years. Now though, I just feel sorry for him and even more for the many followers. :/

@Ura-Soul... WoW... Your Post pointed out with many "Proofs" of the "gut-feelings" I've had about Russell Brand but I couldn't really decipher WHY I didn't like Russell Brand.

Now to be fair, I got rid of my TV about 17 yrs ago, but still was often confused when it came to Russell Brand.

So Thank You Very Much for clearing things up about him AND other "controlled opposition" people out there... I understand much more clearly AND appreciate that @AusbitBank ReSteemed Your post.

So Kudos to You Both !! AND You now have a new Follower...

Thanks Again and Hope You're having a Good Weekend !!

You are welcome and thanks for your support. I didn't know that AusbitBank Resteemed the post, thanks for informing me. Great name you have too ;)
Followed back.

YES... @AusbitBank does many things and tends to keep a low profile regarding his "Good Deeds"...

I voted him as Witness almost 2 months ago but haven't really gotten to know him yet... just know about him from his posts & all the things he kind of does "in the background"... like helping to create P.A.L., which is a very special place on discord chanel.

Thanks Again Ura-Soul... I like Your name also... >> : ~ ))

Cheers !!

Very good! I will look to vote from him as witness too - so far I have only voted for @aggroed - who also appears to be pointed in the right direction. :)

Oh I so agree.

This post got a 2.17 % upvote thanks to @ura-soul - Hail Eris !

Well, Imma hafta get a microwave oven and a funnel now, and see if I can entrain the rats under the trailer I am working on.

Maybe there's something to this Pied Piper thing...

If you can get them to buy your book it could work out well!

Ha! I'd have to write a book first...

This post has received a 2.69 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @ura-soul.

Always thought he was a dick anyway lol

It's a fucking shame anyone who is waking up beLIEves anything this shill says.

That being said, for the briefest of moments I was tricked by this scum. I truly believe he was Katy Perry's handler. Maybe still is but most certainly was.

And on the subject of what we maybe can't discuss on even this forum...........FUCK THE KHAZARIAN ZIONIST SCUMBAGS!!!! MAY THEY BURN IN ETERNAL HELL!!!!!! I understand that this is a topic that certain people will not discuss or touch. I myself don't give a fuck!! The worst they can do is kill me. I will not be silenced and I will not be censored.

Anyway that's my little rant for now. Otherwise I love you all. Stay strong and never give up.

May love be the new normal!

Amen to that!!

Good work on this article. I had figured him out already but I didn't know the extent of it, but the Katy Perry marriage made things totally obvious.

Thanks! There are still many who refuse to put the pieces together, so any new evidence is welcome!

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