How Healing Our Inner Self & Improving Our Own Memory Can Lead Us To World Peace & Improved ‘Politics’.

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Our memory is closely connected to our emotional system, so if we are emotionally injured we tend to have memory issues too. You can start to recognise this by noticing that the memories you have which are strongest tend to be associated with strong emotions. When we experience trauma, we often deny things – including our memories – which has a limiting affect on our ability to lay down and recall memories from that moment on. Denying any memories will essentially damage our memory system overall until we end the denial and come back into balance.

Humanity's memory problems cause us to not remember what we did last week – but they also have effects on the global and political levels. When ‘elected’ ‘leaders’ fail repeatedly to achieve what is needed, they get replaced and so they tend to campaign only on short terms, short sighted goals that they could possibly deliver as opposed to longer term solutions that they may never get to see to completion or that just don’t pack the same short term ‘quick fix excitement’ as short terms options tend to.


The short term approach to meeting humanity’s needs rarely succeeds. You don’t get healthy by having a ‘health day’ and then returning back to your unhealthy patterns. You don’t get rich by having a ‘money week’ and then returning back to reckless spending. You don’t get peace by meditating for a couple of hours and then returning to cage fighting.

Unfortunately, the short term focus of politics has consistently resulted in failure being the norm and so this has resulted in various predictable outcomes:

  1. People don’t expect much from politicians.
  2. Politicians don’t need to try very hard to achieve greatness in order to keep their treasured power positions.
  3. Short term solutions end up being more likely to be chosen as the people involved have to compete with other politicians who are pandering to the short term minds that don’t dig deeply enough to understand deeper solutions and meanings in life.
  4. The headless chicken approach of failed politics means that political direction can change at any moment, without any guided and useful overall objective.

Not only do we fail to learn the lessons of the past when our memories are so broken and we are in such deep denial about life, but we are also unable to solve the problems of the present.

The important matters of life must not be reduced down to talking points over which individuals get to win or lose political power. We need to unite to produce workable solutions that make government irrelevant.

We need sound understanding of the principles of life and strong intentions to create balance – held in the hearts and minds of each person, not political power games and passing off responsibility to whichever puppet the world’s richest families have chosen to direct the world for them this year.

By setting the intentions to heal, balance and evolve, we can start to heal our own self, recall lost memories and then learn the many patterns that the unseen role of denial has hidden from us for so long. This is a great example of how all change ‘out there’ starts with change ‘in here’ - meaning we must heal ourselves before the rest of the world can know peace too.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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By setting the intentions to heal, balance and evolve, we can start to heal our own self, recall lost memories and then learn the many patterns that the unseen role of denial has hidden from us for so long.

This has been the theme of my month I think as I muse on how important it is to FACE trauma & suffering head on to begin to heal, as well as 'be the change'... you can't practice meditation or kindness in some capacities but not in others. Humans can be so hypocritical as they rage at and blame others yet forget to see what they themselves are doing or have done. Really interesting to frame this in terms of memory.

@urasoul, I cordially invite you to Mindful Life community, which is only just beginning in the @naturalmedicine server here. We plan to run group meditations and support each other as we grow through conscious awareness. With much love!

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Thanks, I'll check it out. Anger itself is actually a form of love that moves to protect us and usually sits on top of fear, attempting to protect us from what we are afraid of. Blaming rage and rage in general needs to be felt to be understood and allowed to express safely, in private. More heart presence is needed to find the balance in all of this. Raging at others who are doing what we ourselves are doing is very common due to the lack of awareness we have collectively regarding the reality that the other humans on the planet are literally part of us too. <3

hopefully in healing ourselves that includes embracing self-responsibility and learning that we don't need other people to rule over us and tell us how to live our lives against our will ✌ .. :) love that pic btw lol


Absolutely, yes - however, the often denied fear that has people attaching to following 'leaders' is a challenging blockage that prevents many people from expanding their thinking. Highlighting memory problems that people desire to fix is a good way to highlight some of the root causes of wider problems without triggering denials that cause minds to reject what is being said entirely.


fear is a strong manipulator


Absolutely, yes - usually it is only following our own belief in a lack of personal power - so in that sense, the manipulator is our own thinking!

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Beautifully written @ura-soul
“Forget who hurt you yesterday but don’t forget who lobe you everyday, forget the past that makes you cry and focus on the present that make you smile & forget the pain but never the lessons you gained.” ~ Buddha 🙏🏼🧘🏼‍♂️🧘🏼‍♀️
Yes, please do check out Mindful Life - trying to support each other in in regular practice of meditation to heal ourselves and help others heal themselves.

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