Proof that ABC/WaPo "lowest approval" poll is VERY FAKE NEWS.

in politics •  last year

Note how they skewed the partisan ratios for three different polls (highlighted in yellow).

Here's another gold nugget: "For landline respondents, interviewers ask to speak with the youngest male or youngest female at home.". source

Obviously, the 28 year old forever unemployed gender-studies graduate is gonna live with mommy and daddy and vote for Bernie who promises free money...

What is really surprising is how libtards just 6 months after the elections still believe the polls. Their stupidity reaches new levels each passing day.

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Information is so slanted the only way to get the actual story you'd need a live stream from 12 different

this is gold, more of this type of information needs to be made availabe to the public, when our stupid masses hear the word poll most of them have 0 idea how they are conducted and how they are weighted, probably one of the best examples my statistical analysis prof gave us was the data that most people get attacked by sharks in 3 feet of water or less, so depending on how you analyse the data you can come up with 3 different conclusion depending on how you phrase the question , same words ,same content, on variations yet still 3 different answers.

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Not surprising, everything they do is underhanded.

Upvoted and following, I talked about this subject of polls for months on youtube, so despicable how these polling companies are skewing the data like this. They also will poll certain areas of the country where they will find moderate Republicans that are closer to democrats. (followed)


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same MattThought, but I don't make videos, I just comment and send evidence / info to those that have a decent following

Agreed. I believe one poll from NBC last fall, after the first debate, skewed the percentage of Republican men and women surveyed. For the Dems, things were normal, but for Republicans, 80% of respondents were Republican women. And that was just one oddity in the poll. Who knows what others might have been. This media is criminal.

"Gender Studies Graduate" LMAO!


We may laugh but if you really think it, it's quite sad

Yeah Trump is hated when you pole mostly people who hate him.