Google is protecting Hillary Clinton

in politics •  2 years ago

If you haven't heard yet Hillary Clinton is heavily suspected to have major health issues involving a head injury that she's been trying to cover up, and google is helping her. But I wanted to make a comparison between the search suggestions of a few different search engines to see the differences, let's have a look.


There's nothing about her health issues as you can see. Is this a cover up? Or maybe her health issues just aren't important enough to make it into the suggestions, well, let's have a look at other search engines...



They tell quite a different story, and you don't even need to enter the word 'health' to see her issues pop up.




The results are clear. It's sickening to think that Google is secretly taking a political side, despite all the other search engines remaining fair, Google is the most popular search engine by far and will have an impact on people's ability to discover this news.

Steem is hopefully just the start of cryptocurrency and decentralization, maybe we could some day have decentralized open source replacements for these vital platforms like Google and Youtube, where there isn't a middleman that can censor information and take huge cuts of the monetization.

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