Military Veteran Tells Hillary "I Would Have Been Imprisoned" If I Did What You Did

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September 7th NBC News hosted a forum with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Fireworks started with a question from Navy veteran Lt. John Lester who asked:

As a Naval flight officer I held the top secret sensitive compartmentalized information clearance. And that provided me access with materials and information highly sensitive to our war fighting capabilities. Had I communicated this information not following the prescribed protocols I would have been prosecuted and imprisoned. Secretary Clinton, how can you expect those such as myself who are and were trusted with America’s most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security?

As reported yesterday, Julian Assange said:

In the FBI report released Friday Hillary Clinton says that she can't remember what a (C) in brackets stands for. Everyone in positions of government, and in WikiLeaks, knows it stands for Classified/Confidential. In fact we have already released thousands of cables," he said, holding one up. "By Hillary Clinton, here she is. See, that is her signature. With a "(C)" in bracket right there. Thousands of example where she herself has used a (C) in brackets by herself. And more than 22,000 times where she has received cables from others with this (C) in brackets. So it is absolutely incredible for her to lie. She is lying about not knowing what that is. But it is a bit disturbing that [FBI Director James] Comey goes along with that game.

The post-forum polls were interesting:


What do you think? Has Hillary Clinton lied about her emails and sending classified material to those not cleared to receive it? Should the DOJ prosecute Clinton? Has Lt. John Lester hit on an important issue for the presidential election?


Why would a military veteran even bother trying to say anything about a politician ?

This is such political grandstanding it is the silliest thing I have seen in weeks. This man worked for his country and risked his life etc. Why would he even think his opinion would be considered by a professional politician ?

Knowing his opinions are of absolutely no worth to the rich and lazy I can only imagine he uttered those words to try and sway the voting public's political opinions . . .

So while I thank this serviceman for his Service, it is fairly pointless to have non politicians clouding the campaign. This campaign is about money and egos and influence and with such important career ideals involved for the stakeholders.

It is inappropriate for ordinary citizens to venturing an opinion; after all that is why we elect Representatives to keep ordinary people from being involved.

Regardless who the Electoral College appoints as El-Presizidentae come November be assured your lot in life will not change much : )

/ hugz ; )

To put this another way; " your not included in this election " , ' sorry to much money is involved ' ; " maybe next time " , ' maybe not ' . . .

I think it is inappropriate to consider any politician as lying. By definition politicians just cannot understand the truth. I mean is a kleptomaniac really a shoplifter when they cannot have individual control over that behavior?

Kleptomania is something someone has no individual control over, yet we elect to criminalize it and thus make felons out of those people. However politicians are different they are usually law school graduates and trust fund babies from the upper echelons of society.

Why would people even consider they should be treated as ordinary members of society. These people have absolutely no reality connection to the truth as professional politicians, so why do people keep saying they expect that ?

The Nazi Joseph Goebbels said to paraphrase; ' keep telling lies until people believe your version as truth ' . . .

Here are some other famous quotes from the " Dean of Politics " ; enjoy : )

/ hugz ; )

Did you hear the interview with former Clinton aide Larry Nichols where he said they aren't prosecuting because she will release all Washingtons dirt if convicted? Interesting listen...

That may be why almost the entire establishment (left and right) hates The Donald. How many graves with buried dirt can he point out?

all the MORE reason to convict we just have to find someone in D.C. without any dirt.


I think you answered your own question @stevescoins

The Left truly has no principles...

For the information of anyone in this thread that heard that Clinton was making her employes look for an "Alzeimers drug", I can tell you this:

Provigil (modafinil) is a "smart drug" used to fight fatigue and is regularly prescribed to high achievers so that they can work for hours straight without getting tired or bored, but is primarily meant to help narcoleptics stay awake during the day.

The drug has far fewer side effects than other stimulants and has been compared to the fictional intelligence unlocking drug "NZT" from the movie (and since TV-series) "Limitless".

It would seem that Clinton was most likely either suffering from work related fatigue or she was looking for an edge over the competition in her field. There is, so far, no evidence that she actually has Alzeimers disease.

Amazing how politicians can so blatantly lie with a clear face while nodding up and down incessantly.

Wtf. I don't even live down there and she makes me shudder. She must have taken lessons from Bill!

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