In light of "President Trump", I'm acquiring an island. Who wants to help me?

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Hey to the World of Steem!

Democracy as we know it is crumbling.
We've all been sensing this transition since at least 2009 with the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper, but fractures in reality are driving these changes forward faster than I believe any of us could have anticipated.

Now that Donald Trump has been named President of the United States of America and Britain has removed itself from the European Union... I believe it is due time for us to begin building a new world to show the rest of the planet what a group of self-organizing humans can do together!

I already have exclusivity on the largest piece of undeveloped property in the Caribbean and am a partner at BitNation, facebook for governance using the blockchain. I am asking for us all of us to team up and make this into an even greater reality!

If you haven't read up on BitNation, founded by my favorite person on Earth, the extraordinary Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof, start clicking. We're partnered with the government of Estonia to do their e-identity, we have the first world citizenship ID on the blockchain, first marriage/birth/land titles on the blockchain and our own space agency. And that's just skimming the surface of our work!

We believe government should be opt-in with a universal set of values, like Burning Man camps and the 10 Principles.

Government should be:

  1. Borderless
  2. Voluntary
  3. Decentralized

People should be able to participate in any communities they choose, support causes they choose, not be forced to get involved with those they do not, and should first and foremost, understand how to be self-governing above all else!

Implementing our new standard will take time, energy and dedication, but every day we work together, we become closer to a pure freedom. One time and the people of this Earth have not forgotten. Help us move further ahead, at speeds faster than we could have ever imagined.

All comments, offers, questions and beyond are welcome.


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I already have exclusivity on the largest piece of undeveloped property in the Caribbean

Cool. Where? Does this mean you own it or have exclusive rights to some aspect?

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With NewEarth Project we are doing something similar in West Africa and are keen to plant many more seeds. Please connect and lets exchange ideas if you wish. Best Wolf


Interesting-- what are you up to?


I'm keen to hear more about this also.

I agree that government should be opt-in. That said, what is the nature of this area's government? What are the mandates it has given itself?